What is SEO? Complete Step By Step SEO Guide For Beginner

What is SEO? How do you learn SEO? If you are looking for the answer to this question. Then you have come to the right place at once. In today’s article I have as many details as possible about SEO. I will discuss all those issues in detail.

What is SEO? Ways to learn SEO

You may be surprised to know that the demand for an SEO expert in the online sector is skyrocketing. To do these related small things. An SEO expert has to pay a huge amount of money.

Do you know the reason? – The main reason is that not everyone can learn SEO if they want to. See if you have energy in your body Then you can do anything with that energy.

However, no one can do the work of SEO with this power. Here it will depend on the technique of your brain. In fact, you are an expert in the SEO sector.

So before we discuss in detail, we need to know what SEO is It does not eat gives head.

What is SEO?

Like everyone else, I would say, the whole meaning of SEO is search engine optimization. That is, when you optimize your content for a search engine Then that optimization is called SEO.

But we all know that, don’t we? Now if you are asked what is this search engine optimization? – What do you say then? Stay, you don’t have to say 6 Rather I am explaining with examples. What exactly is SEO?

Suppose you have a website of an online shop Where you sell “mobile”. Now you want, if someone goes to Google and searches by typing “mobile”. Then show your website above all.

Because, after searching by typing “mobile” in Google. The websites that will show at the beginning at once. Most people will access those websites. Now the question is, why would Google show your website after typing “mobile” in Google?

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The main reason is SEO. There may be thousands of websites online. But not everyone can explain to Google what topic their website actually works on.

And Google will not give your website Top Rank till then. As long as you understand the basics of your website.

And the only way to get this understanding done properly is through SEO. When you properly optimize your website for search engines. Then Google will show your website first in the search results.

I hope you understand SEO by now. But if you still do not understand. Then the complete failure is mine, because I can no longer explain it to you.

However, this time we will know why you need to know SEO. If you know SEO, you will get benefits. And if you don’t know, what will happen to you?

What are the basics part of SEO?

Basic human needs such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education. This means that without one of these, it becomes difficult for a human being to survive. Similarly, there are some basic issues in the field of SEO.

Without which SEO will remain absolutely incomplete. And to complete this incomplete topic, you must know in detail about the basics of SEO.

There are several part of SEO.

Some of the notable ones are:

1# Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis: To be an SEO expert, the most important thing is to compete. Because as long as you can analyse your competitor. Until then you will not be able to Improve your website.

First you need to know, who is your competitor? Who do you have to compete with? – Pay attention.

Suppose you are publishing a content on your website about “online income”. After a while, you see that your published content is showing on the 2nd page of Google.

Now there are as many websites as there are from your current position to the top position of Google. They are all your competitors.

Now you have to think, why did Google show your content on the 2nd page. And what is in the rest of the content! Due to which Google is showing their content on the 1st page.

Now you need to analyze some of those websites. E.g.,

  • Content Quality
  • Content Quantity
  • Focus Keyword
  • LSI Keyword
  • Backlink
  • DA / PA

After you have analysed the domains. You will understand what more needs to be done to optimize your content.

For example, the quantity of your content is 5,000 words. But for those who are in the first position in Google, their content quantity is 7,000 words. This will allow you to update your content by adding more words.

This is how Competitor’s Backlink, Keyword, DA / PA analysis is done. You need to improve your blog / content.

2# Keyword research

Keyword Research: For those who work with SEO, the most annoying and most important task is keyword research. When you do keyword research, the things to keep in mind are:

  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • keyword quantity
  • LSI Keyword
  • KGR Keyword

See you need to choose a keyword. That keyword will have enough Search Value. Because if no one searches for your keyword. So no matter how SEO optimized your content is, no matter how much you do SEO It will not benefit you.

Another issue is Keyword Difficulty. See you picked a keyword. Whose search value is a lot, but a lot of good websites have already ranked in that keyword. So when you do SEO Then you have to work hard.

Let’s find out now. When you understand how to do Keyword Research. Then you will be able to know about two more (2) types of keywords E.g.,

  • LSI Keyword
  • KGR keyword

The search value of that keyword is low, again Difficulty is 0 (zero) at once. That keyword is called KGR Keyword. However, you can understand these techniques only when you spend several months in the SEO sector.

Again, after we type a lot of keywords in Google and search, the keyword that is at the bottom of Google or shows the gulai LSI keyword.

3# Backlink

What is backlink: The most powerful technique for SEO is link building. However, many people think that the backlink does not work at present. Those who think so, their ideas are completely wrong.

Because, currently some of the backlink techniques don’t work, that’s right. So if you want to eliminate the whole backlink technique. Then you can not do Proper SEO in any way.

When you backlink, a number of things come up in front of you. E.g.,

  • Anchor Text
  • Blog Comment
  • Forum Posting
  • Guest Posting
  • Profile Backlink
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web 2.0
  • Social SEO etc

See, when doing backlinks, keep in mind that the way you take backlinks seems natural. This means that Google should not in any way understand that you are building links for your site by force or money.

You are getting backlinks from that website. That website is like High Authority. In addition, the lower the spam score of the website, the better.

4# Visitor Analyses

Tell me one thing, you are creating a website, you are doing SEO on that site, what is all this for? -Of course for visitors, right?

That is why the visitors will come to your website. Those visitors have to analyze very well E.g.,

  • Find Search Engine
  • Detect Keyword
  • Visitor Bounce Rate
  • Visitor Time Spend

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the number of visitors to your website

  • They’re coming from a search engine,
  • Coming up with a keyword,
  • Also how much time they are spending on your content after visitors arrive.

These issues need to be well analysed.

Why do SEO?

If I answer this question in one word. Then you will have to do SEO to bring more and more visitors to your website. Because the lifeblood of a website is the visitor. Everyone knows that, doesn’t it?

There are currently millions of websites online. As you can see, this is the topic you work on the website. There are thousands more websites on the same topic.

But you will still see, when you do a search on Google. Google shows some websites at the top of your search results. Again a few websites show up at the bottom.

In this way, Google periodically shows some more websites on the 2nd page or 3rd page.

Now my question is, why did Google show up on a few websites even after working on the same topic?

And why did Google remove them from the first page and show them on the second page even after working on the same subject? – Can you tell me the exact reason?

Wait, I’m talking.

The main reason for this is optimization. Everyone can work on the same subject. But not everyone can tell Google what they are really working on. And not just Google, but as many search engines as there are.

Until these search engines understand your website properly. Until then, your website will not show up in the first row of their search results.

And if your website does not show the first saree. Then your site will not get the expected visitors.

On the other hand, if we think about it, the demand for e-commerce is increasing day by day. So you thought, create an e-commerce website online. Now the website you have created is completely new. People don’t know anything about your site.

Now how to bring visitors to your new site?

After creating a new website, the first thing to do is to optimize that new site for search engines. Either way, the search engines need to make it better What really matters to your website. And which people are you targeting?

I have used more than two words since the beginning of the article. Those two words are, “Search Engine”. Can you tell me what a search engine is?

Let’s talk about this in a nutshell.

What is a search engine?

Do you know Google? -Yes, Google is a search engine. However, those who think, search engine means Google. There was a bucket of sympathy for them. Because not only Google, but there are dozens of other search engines like Google. Do you know the names of all the search engines?

If you don’t know, find out. There are many more search engines like Google. E.g.,

  • Duckduckgo.com
  • Yahoo.com
  • Youtube.com
  • Bing.com
  • Baidu.com
  • Yandex.com
  • Ask.com

In addition to these, there are several other search engines. But Google is at the forefront in terms of features and users. So in today’s article we will give more priority to Google.

Just keep in mind, even if each search engine works on a different algorithm, if you can only understand one of the algorithms. Then you can easily understand about the algorithms of any search engine.

The main game of an SEO expert is to play with this search engine. First of all you have to understand which search engines work according to which algorithm. But before you understand the algorithm, you need to know how these search engines work.

How does a search engine work?

We all know that we search by typing in Google. Google gives us information about that. But as an SEO expert you have to think a little differently. “What we write on Google, Google shows us” – you do not have to think about it.

Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis.

When you can claim yourself as an SEO expert. When you understand how search engines work. And understanding this is not an easy task.

When you search something on Google. Then the information that Google shows. Do you think that someone is sitting at the computer to show that information? – No, no one is sitting with a computer for this. If that were the case, millions of searches would be made every minute on Google.

And Google had to have millions of employees to provide these millions of data. Which is absolutely impossible.

And this impossible task has been made possible through the program. Someone like you or me has programmed a robot here. When we do a search on Google, these robots give us the right information.

Now the question is, what are these robots in the search engine. Which is why we do not search by typing, providing accurate information?

These robots in search engines have 2 things in them

  • Crawler
  • Indexer
  • Spider

See, a human body is made up of organs such as arms, legs, head, lungs, etc. Similarly, crawlers and indexers and spiders are the lungs of any search engine. You may get a smile after hearing this word. Search engine is the lungs again! Then listen,

Does the crawler work?

After you create a new website. Optimize that website for any search engine. Then the crawler of that search engine will come and monitor your website.

The crawler monitors what you’re working on, what kind of audience your website is targeting. And this process is called crawling.

Does the indexer work?

When crawlers understand that, they understand the essence of your website. Then it sends all the information including the content of your website to the indexer. The index then stores this information in its own database.

Does Spider work?

Spider then matches the information we searched for. That information then shows up in the search results. What’s weird, isn’t it?

The most important role of a search engine is spider. When we search for a topic. The information that was then stored in the index. Spider then searches for the information that has been submitted. Some of the topics in our index are similar to our search terms.

But not just Google, but every search engine works according to this rule. Now answer a question, what do you understand so far?

I have a reason to write so much about search engines That’s because when you do SEO. Then just keep one thing in mind. The point is, crawlers need to understand exactly what kind of website you are SEOing (optimizing).

What is the main point of that website. That is what the main theme of your content is. Search engine crawlers need to understand that correctly.

So far you have got a clear idea about what SEO is and what search engines are. Now we will know how SEO can be done.

How does SEO work?

You want to learn SEO, but you don’t know how SEO works. Then learning your SEO will remain elusive Because, when we learn about a subject. Then we should know all the details about that subject.

Suppose you have a website or a blog There you published a content related to “Online Income”. Now, this does not mean that if someone goes to Google and searches for “Online Income”, it will show your website directly on the first page. That’s why you need to do Properly SEO Boss!

On the other hand, you do SEO for any content. That doesn’t mean that content will show up in Google’s top positions overnight. You are doing SEO, so you are giving a positive signal to the search engine.

The main purpose of SEO is to convey to the search engines that your content contains some important information. Which everyone needs to know.

Assuming, after publishing any content, Google shows your content on the 2nd page. Now your target is to bring that content to the first page of Google Will your content come to the first page now? -No, you need to optimize your content properly.

If Google shows your content on the 2nd page. So Google crawler understands at least a little bit about which topic you have published content on. Now it’s your turn, after publishing the content, you have to optimize that content again.

So that Google crawlers can better understand your content.

In this way you will gradually apply the techniques of SEO. Google Crawler will understand the meaning of your content.

Assuming you have 100% optimized your content. Now if someone searches Google by typing “online income”. Google Spider then indexed any information about “Online Income” in its datacenter. Will try to find out.

Now if you can do SEO properly, you can convince Google crawlers that your content is written about “online income”. Then Google Spider will definitely show the content of your website in the top position of search results.

Just keep in mind that SEO is a slow process. It is foolish to expect results from working in this sector.

How many types of SEO?

I have a little disagreement on this issue. Because there are many bloggers who say SEO 2 (two) type 6 Some say 4 (four) type 6 But from my point of view SEO is 3 (three) type 6 E.g.,

  • Black Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO and
  • White hat SEO

Now you may be wondering why I am talking to you about black hat and white hat when it comes to learning SEO. If you think so, listen.

Why do we do SEO? -To bring more visitors to the website, right? Now you can bring this visitor through 3 main channels. So you need to know the details about these three mediums.

Black Hat SEO

When you use any illegal method to bring visitors to your website Then that illegal approach will be called Black Hat SEO. You will be surprised to know because it is possible to bring a lot of visitors to any website without following the black hat technique.

If you want to bring visitors by following this black hat technique. Then the things you have to do,

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Clickbet title
  • Plenty of backlinking

Now a word may peek into the corner of your mind. If visitors can be brought by following the black hat technique. Then you have to follow this technique. What is the benefit of following the rest of the techniques?

So listen, Black hat Seo has as many techniques. All of this is a technique to fool Google. When you realize that Google actually works on any algorithm.

Then you will also understand that some of the things that can be done to fool Google. Search engines are forced through this black hat SEO as if they provide ranking to your website.

So one thing to know, as long as you work in this SEO sector Until then, never try to fool any search engine For example, you can bring visitors from Google by following the Black hat technique, it is true.

But one day Google will realize that you are actually using illegal methods to deceive them. They will then penalize your website from their search algorithm. And once you give your site a penalty.

Then the top ranking of the search engine is a far cry. Even if you search your site with a hurricane, it will no longer be found.

Gray Hat SEO

There is a technique between good and bad in the SEO sector. He is called Gray Hat SEO. Most bloggers or SEO experts prefer this gray hat SEO. Now the question that may arise in your mind is, “Does Gray Hat SEO have any side effects?”

Hmmm, the gray hat technique also has a lot of side effects. However, there is no such thing as “stealing is a great science, if you don’t read it”. The same is true of Gray Hat SEO. If search engines don’t understand your technique, you’re pretty. And if he somehow understands, then you are finished.

White hat SEO

White hat SEO is the safest and legal of all the techniques of SEO. And when you understand all the techniques of the white hat. Then you too can claim yourself as an SEO expert.

Of all the SEO techniques, White Hat SEO is the safest and legal. So in today’s article I will only discuss in detail about White Hat SEO.

How to do SEO?

There are as many SEO experts in the world. They all basically do SEO in 2 (two) ways. E.g.

  • Organic SEO
  • Paid SEO

These two types of SEO are done to bring a website to the top position in the search rankings. And if you do SEO in these two methods, it is possible to bring visitors according to your needs. Let’s learn more about these two methods.

What is Paid SEO?

If you are interested in doing paid SEO. Then you have to spend a huge amount of money. Before discussing money, we will learn how to do paid SEO.

Assuming you want to do paid SEO through Google. So first of all you have to give your targeted keyword to Google. That means you want to bring visitors to your website by targeting any keyword. Google must be informed in advance.

Google will then inform you that you have targeted the keyword. To do paid SEO on that keyword, exactly how much you have to pay. Google will let you know in advance.

The last time you complete a Google payment. Then you will have a Campaign Start. From then on, if anyone searches on Google about your targeted keyword.

Then your website will show above all the search results. This method is called paid SEO.

Organic SEO

When you do not have any money, using various techniques to bring visitors to your website from search engines. Then those techniques to bring visitors are called Organic (Organic) SEO.

Do you know what those techniques are? Through which it is possible to bring visitors to the website without spending any money! If you don’t know, listen.

With just 3 techniques, you can bring visitors to your website for free. E.g.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Technical SEO

These three techniques discussed above are included in SEO. I have already published a post on my website about these issues. Even then, for your convenience, I will discuss briefly.

What is on-page SEO?

When you have a website Then do SEO from inside that website. Then he will be called, onpage SEO. Now the question is, do you understand what On-Page SEO is? But what do you have to do for this? Let’s discuss that now.

Things you need to do to do on-page SEO,

  • Title optimize
  • Meta tag
  • Optimize Description
  • SEO Friendly Content
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword placement
  • LSI keywords
  • Content Longer
  • Tag
  • Category
  • Menu placement
  • Https
  • SSL Certificate
  • Robots.txt

All of the above points are covered by onpage SEO. You must work with all the points in mind. Because I said at the beginning of the article. No matter how you do SEO.

The first step is to explain to the crawler what topic your website is actually working on.

And the easiest way for crawlers to understand the topic of your website is onpage SEO. Now the question is, when a search engine crawler will come to your website.

Then what will he look for in your website?

When crawlers crawl your website. Then first crawl the Title, Meta Tag, and Description of your website. Then you will see which keywords you are writing content on. .

Whether your content is optimized. The information that you will get after crawling things like the quantity of your content etc. That information will be indexed in the data center of the search engine through the indexer.

So when you are in the early stages of SEO. Then on-page SEO will give the most importance.

What is off-page SEO?

When you work to optimize from outside your website. Then those tasks of optimization will be called, offpage SEO.

You may be surprised to know that it is possible to make a website widely popular through this off-page SEO technique. We know how important DA and PA are for ranking a website. But if you can do offpage SEO properly.

Then you can easily increase the DA and PA of a website.

Let’s not know now, what techniques to follow to do offpage SEO.

  • Backlink
  • Social Authority
  • Local Business etc

off-page SEO has a special purpose. Those purposes are,

  • To increase the ranking of the domain
  • Providing Ranking to Content Keywords
  • Increasing the DA and PA of the domain

A search engine will then rank your website. When the authority of your domain increases. Now the question is, when does the authority of a domain increase?

That’s why at the beginning you need to know, what are DA and PA things. The full meaning of DA is Domain Authority. That is, each domain has a specific score.

For example, if your domain is new, your domain score will be 0-1% out of 100%. When you do SEO for your domain by following the off page technique, then your domain score will also gradually increase.

On the other hand, PA stands for Page Authority. When you do off-page SEO for your website pages and content. Then Page Authority will increase like Domain Authority.

But the question is, why increase your domain authority and page authority?

The main reason is backlink and social sharing. You see, the main function of backlinks is to link your website from other websites. When providing links to your site from different websites

This means that other websites will provide some kind of recommendation for your website. This will give a positive signal to the search engine Do you know the reason?

When different websites will recommend for your website. Then search engine crawlers will think, your website must have something important. Due to which everyone is providing link to your site. Then search engines will start ranking your website slowly.

What is technical SEO?

You did on-page SEO and off-page SEO, it doesn’t mean that Google will stumble to rank your website now. There is another hidden SEO technique. Whose name is Technical SEO.

There are many who discuss SEO only on-page and off-page. You will be surprised to know how important technical SEO is.

Now you do 100% offpage and onpage SEO. But he did not give much importance to technical SEO. Then I can tell you with a guarantee, you will not be able to rank your website in life. Do you know the reason?

Because before you know it, you need to know what the issues are Which fall under the category of technical SEO. Those things are,

  • Sitemap & Robots.txt file upload
  • Crawler error fixing
  • Duplicate content
  • 301 redirects
  • URL structure
  • SSL certificate
  • Website structure & Design
  • Page Loading speed
  • Mobile Usability,

Suppose your website is in the top rank of Google in a keyword. This means that if someone searches for that keyword, your website will show above all else.

Now when a visitor clicks on your ranked link. But the loading speed of your site is so high that it takes 30 seconds to enter the site.

Now will any visitor wait for 30 seconds after clicking on your link? – No, never. Instead, it will leave your link and re-enter other websites. Do you know what will happen to you as a result?

Now Google will think, the visitor is out as soon as you click on the link. And entered another website. There is nothing in your content that visitors can learn from. And visitors will have to do this again and again.

Then Google will continue to lower your ranking. That is, if you are in the 1st position. Then slowly 2nd position, then 3rd position will see at one stage that your site will be removed from the first page and will be placed on the 2nd or 3rd page. Which is never desirable.

And the best way to solve this problem is through technical SEO. Through which you will have as many problems related to this as your website. You will be ablThere are different things to do when doing SEO. If you want to do those tasks manually, you will have to spend a lot of time. However, it will take 1 day to do your work manually. If you do that with any tools. Then you can do that in 1 minute.

You will find 2 (two) types of tools for online SEO. E.g.

  • Paid Tools
  • Free Tools

If you can afford it, you can use paid tools And if you do not have that opportunity, then there are many free tools. With the help of which you can do a lot of SEO related work. Let’s not know the names of those tools.

What are the paid tools?

There are currently many Paid Tools. Through which you can do any work related to your SEO, in a very short time. Some of the tools are called,

  • SEO Spider
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Moz Pro
  • KWFinder
  • Searchmetrics
  • Yoast SEO

If you want to use these tools, you have to use some amount of money monthly or annually However, those who are new to the SEO sector, they can use these tools in the Groupby system.

What are free tools?

If you are learning new SEO. Or you can’t afford to use Paid Tools. Then you can use SEO related Free Tools. Because there are many free tools through which you can do any work in a very short time.

Here are some of the free tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Search Console
  • Keyword Hero
  • Screaming Frog
  • SEOlyzer
  • Answer The Public
  • Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Ubersuggest

In addition to these, there are many more free tools. If you do a Google search. Then you will get a list of at least a hundred free tools

Is it possible to earn income from SEO?

Yes, of course! There are many people who have been able to earn a huge amount of income with SEO services. You can understand by looking at the freelancing marketplaces. What is the demand of those who provide SEO service?

If you are an SEO expert. Then you can earn income in 3 ways. E.g.,

  1. Income from blog / website
    If you know SEO, you can create a blog. Then you can earn income from different Ad Network like Google AdSense or AdSense by publishing different content in that blog.

Also, the demand for e-commerce is increasing day by day. With that in mind, you too can create a Products Selling website. And you can make a quality income by selling those products.

  1. Income through freelancing
    As time goes on, the popularity of the website is increasing. New websites are being created every day. But the problem is, those who are creating these websites

Many of them can’t do SEO, again there are many who can’t give time to do SEO. And you know, it’s impossible to rank a website without SEO.

Now if you are an SEO expert. Then you can earn income with SEO services for these new websites

  1. Income by selling the course
    There are many people who are absolutely beginners in the SEO sector. Many of those who are at this stage want to buy a course and learn SEO.

If you can sell your course by targeting these people. Then you can generate a good amount of income just by selling the course.

How long does it take to learn SEO?

In fact, it is not possible to answer this question correctly Because if it takes me seven days to learn a subject You can learn that in 3 days. So it is impossible to say exactly how long it will take you to learn SEO.

But I can give you a little idea. You only have 30 days. In these 30 days, you will see 2 daily SEO related blogs and 2 daily videos. Then learn everything from the first day to 30 days. Start practicing them.

When you practice, you will be able to bring a lot of techniques on your own. You can understand when Google ranks a website, why it ranks, etc.

It will take you 90 days or three months to practice this. When you practice SEO for three consecutive months. Then you will be born with a different love for SEO. And this will help you to become an SEO expert one day.

But keep one thing in mind. You will learn the techniques of SEO It’s not like they’ll be useful for a lifetime. Because search engine algorithms are constantly changing.

Maybe you can rank your website by following the techniques today. Those techniques may not work in the future. So don’t be discouraged, but keep yourself up to date.

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