YouTube SEO Optimize, How to SEO Youtube Videos & Rank higher

What is YouTube SEO? If you have no idea about this. Then your price in YouTube sector is just like salt-free curry. YouTube SEO is one such issue. Through which it is possible to bring a lot of views and subscribers to any Youtube channel or video.

What is YouTube SEO

And when your video will have a lot of views. When a lot of subscribers will come to your channel. Just then you too will reach the brink of success in the YouTube sector.

If you also want to be successful in the YouTube sector. If you want to build yourself as a successful youtuber. Then you must have proper knowledge about youtube SEO.

In today’s article, I will try to discuss YouTube SEO in detail. As of today, you can claim to be a YouTube SEO Expert.

What is SEO?

See what SEO is all about before you learn about YouTube SEO. That needs to be understood. SEO means Search engine optimization.

Currently there are many search engines including google, yahoo, bing, duckduckgo. However, the most popular search engine is Google. The work that is done to optimize your content in these search engines. That is called SEO.

What is YouTube SEO?

Although YouTube is Google’s own product, YouTube also has its own search engine. You would be surprised to know that YouTube is next to Google. Where the maximum number of searches is done.

When you do things to optimize your Content / Video for that search engine on YouTube. Those jobs are called YouTube SEO.

Why do YouTube SEO?

Simply put, you have to do SEO to get the expected View and Subscribe to YouTube videos. You uploaded the video to your YT Channel. Now if no one sees that video. Then the trouble of making your video will be completely in vain.

But if you upload the video by doing SEO properly. Then you will get a lot of views. As a result, you will be able to create a large community in the YouTube sector.

And then you can build this community. When you have a complete idea about YouTube SEO.

How to do YouTube SEO?

Now let’s come to the main point. Before doing YouTube SEO, you first need to know two things.

How does YouTube search work?

When you enter YouTube. Then you can see the search box above all. That is the search engine of YouTube. Even if it seems like a simple search box to you. In fact, the main game of SEO, but this search box has to be played.

Just think, what you search for in the search box. Why do video shows about that? If you search by typing “New Song”. Then only the newly uploaded songs will show. If you search again by typing “Bangla drama”. Then only the list of plays will show.

But why is this? After searching by typing Bangla drama, why did you just show the list of dramas? Didn’t show any movie or song list except drama?

There are some reasons for this. For that you need to know about Youtube Crawler & Indexer.

Google Bot or Crawl index. The article will be much longer. So I will try to explain in my own language in a short range.

What is YouTube crawler and indexer?

What is in the title of your video, what is in the description of the video. Which words did you use in the Tag option? As well as knowing all this information. The YouTube robot will store the information in its own data center (INDEX).

And later when someone searches on YouTube about something related to your video. Just then Youtube will show your video. And to give YouTube robots a clear idea about your video. There is no alternative to YouTube SEO.

I have divided the methods of SEO YouTube videos into 2 steps.

Step # 1- YouTube SEO Online
Step # 2- YouTube SEO Offline
Let’s start with the topic of YouTube SEO.

What is Offline YouTube SEO?

The things you need to do offline to do offline YouTube video SEO. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to make your video attractive.

  • Creating attractive thumbnails
  • Make video starting point
  • Giving crystal clear voice
  • Creating informative content
  • Video editing
  • Using intro and outro in video.
  • Increase video length
  • Rename the file
  • Maintain schedule
  • Subscribe and Like Begging (Requested on Video)

Each of the above points is very important. So you have to follow these steps carefully.

Made attractive thumbnails

Just think, when you enter YouTube. Then what is your first job. You must scroll down to the bottom of the YouTube newsfeed. And the thumbnails of one will come to your notice.

When one of the thumbnails your eyes will be stuck. Just then you will stop scrolling and try to read that thumbnail. If there is something good in thumbnails. Then you click on that video, right?

You may be surprised to know that YouTube is a good thumbnail that contributes 50% to SEO.

How to create attractive thumbnails?

To create eye-catching attractive thumbnails. First you need to select the background color. It is better to say here that when you select the color. Then give priority to 2 colors.

  • Dark Color
  • Light Colo

When you finish the Background Color selection Then you need to add TEXT to the thumbnail. However, thumbnail background color and thumbnail text color are opposite to each other.

For example, if your background color is dark. Then the text color will be light color. In the same way if your Bc color is Light. Then the text color will be Drak.

Clickbet Thumbnail Idea

To say clickbet thumbnails here, I am not talking about adding any 18+ pics / text. How to click thumbnails in an honest way. I will try to say that.

Point-1: Many of us try to write the whole subject of the video in thumbnails. Which is never appropriate When adding text to thumbnails. Then keep in mind, after watching it, the viewers feel curious As they think, questions arise about your video. Try to write something like that.

Then Impression click through rate will increase in your YouTube video.

If you want to create thumbnails with mobile. Then use these two apps pixlab or Picsart. And if you use a computer. Then you will use giant software like Photoshop / Illustrator.

There are also many websites online now From which it is possible to create very good quality thumbnails such as Canva.

Make video status points

You will be surprised to know that the first 15 seconds of your video is a very important part. If visitors do not patiently watch the first 15 seconds after clicking on your video.

Then YouTube will think, there is nothing informative in Anna’s video. So try to bring the first 15 seconds of the beginning of the video to give something important in the video.

For example, the parts of your entire video that you like the most. Cut those parts and increase the speed and give it at the beginning of the video.

So even if visitors want to, you can’t skip those 15 seconds of video.

Given crystal clear voice

This is a common part of YouTube SEO. Which we all know. There is no substitute for a clear voice to grab the attention of viewers on a YouTube video. If visitors do not understand your audio well when it comes to watching your video.

Then visitors will immediately skip your video and click on another video. So try to make the audio of your video crystal clear.

There are many software / apps on the internet for voice editing. You can edit your voice through them. For example, you can use Audacity / Camtasia to edit the voice on the computer. You can use lexis audio editor or audiolab editor to edit voice on mobile.

[Pro Tips: If possible or necessary. Then use background music in your video. YouTube audio library or Ncs contains numerous No copyright background music. You can use them if you want]

Creating informative content

None of YouTube SEO will work. If there is nothing informative in your video. You made a good thumbnail, gave crystal clear voice, but didn’t give anything like that in the video. Which will be of no use to the visitors. Then all the ways to do SEO will be in vain at once.

By doing SEO, visitors came to your video But after clicking on the video, I saw that there is nothing to know in your video. Then visitors will take leave from your video.

Now you have made a video of 5 minutes. But visitors stay in the video after watching your video for 30 seconds. Then YouTube will assume that there is nothing informative in your video.

If this happens again and again. Then the ranking of your video on the YouTube system will gradually go down. There will come a time when your video will no longer be shown to visitors in the newsfeed.

So try to do video SEO as well, to make the video informative enough.

Video editing

When recording a video, some unwanted words or conversations often come up for which you must edit and cut before uploading your video. It is often seen that your sound quality decreases while making a video or the video is not clear.

When you watch your video while playing some of these unwanted things, the attraction towards your video will decrease. That’s why before uploading a video on YouTube, you have to cut and edit it nicely and then upload the video.

This will make your video as interesting as it is, and when you watch the whole video, your subscription will increase. People love to see something new and if you can make your video interesting by editing it nicely then of course your subscription and share number will gradually increase.

If you are a mobile user then you must go to the app play store called Kinemaster. From there you can install and edit your videos. You can get many video editing tutorials for free on YouTube with Kinemaster.

Also, if you are a laptop or PC user, you can easily edit your videos in a very basic and professional way with the help of software called Camtasia.

Prolong video

True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. His dominance in the YouTube algorithm will be even greater. A 3 minute video can have a huge impact on YouTube SEO. A 10 minute video can do more than that.

Now this does not mean that you will lengthen your video by doing the wrong thing. If you do, you will do yourself a disservice.

If possible, increase the length of the video with something informative. Then you must try to make a long time video. And if that’s not possible, skip this topic.

Rename the file name

When we make a video or create a thumbnail. Then our files are saved under this name (video_265514.mp4) / (img_6268.jpg)

But the files with this name do not carry any meaning at all. When the YouTube robot will see the file name of your video. Then the poor thing will not understand the meaning of the name of your video. Which is not at all expedient.

So of course, rename the names of those files. That’s why you have to rename the selected keywords as File name. For example: seo-tutorial-bangla.mp4

Maintain schedule

Although this does not have much effect on YouTube SEO. You should maintain this schedule.

For example, how often do you upload videos? In some cases you do not upload the video. Visitors should have a clear idea about that.

For example, you create a video with a YouTube update. Therefore, visitors already know that there is a new update on YouTube. Videos about that can be found on your channel.

Also create a monthly or weekly schedule Some days you will upload the video Make a list of them.

This may sound strange, but in reality it is very important. Because, when visitors will comment on your video. It will then give a positive signal to the YouTube algorithm

So you have to do something like that in the video. As visitors comment on your video. But the question is, what do you do?

There are some strategies for visitors to comment on YouTube videos. For example, question the purpose of visitors to the video. Or what kind of topic they want to video on, what they want to know about. Ask them to comment.

Subscribe and Like to beg

Laughing? But even if you smile, you have to do this. As every YouTuber does. But you will want to subscribe in a different way from others Since you are a YouTuber.

So you must have some creativity. Use your creativity. Ask viewers to like and share your videos as well as subscribe. Then see if 100 people watch your video. Then at least 10 people after listening to you. Like your video.

Let’s see how you can actually SEO a YouTube video offline. You know that fairly well. Let us know now, how to do YouTube SEO through online.

Ways to do online YouTube SEO

To do YouTube video SEO, you first need to know about Online SEO. The key part of online SEO is keyword research. Keyword research plays the most important role in ranking a YouTube video.

You will actually make a video on a topic. You can easily understand it through keyword research.

How to do keyword research?

You can do keyword research in two ways.

  • Via YouTube / Google.
  • Through tools.

Suppose you make a video about “Online Income”. So now you need to find this related keyword. That’s why if you first go to YouTube and search, “Online Income”. So what do people search for by typing on YouTube. You can see them too. E.g.,

  • Free money income
  • Online Income Development Payment
  • Online income for students
  • Online Income App
  • How to make income online
  • Ways to make income online 2022
  • Money making apps

This is how you can find these related keywords by searching on Google.

But remember, first you have to select the Focus keyword. In addition, you need to select the Helping keywords. For example, if you make a video about online income. Then your main keyword / Focus keyword will be, “Online Income”.

It will also have Helping keyword, Payment by BKash / by mobile / for students etc. But if you want to do more advanced level keyword research. Then you can take help of different tools. There are currently many keyword research tools available online. The names of the free / paid tools are:

  • Google keyword planner (Free)
  • Ahrefs (Paid)
  • Serush (Paid),
  • Google Trends (Free)

What is the search value of a keyword as well as a keyword with these tools. You can see that too.

[Pro Tips: – Search value for the keywords that are high. Create videos with those keywords]

Optimize Video Title and Description

Video titles play a special role in doing YouTube video SEO. In short, when your video will show on YouTube newsfeed.

Then visitors will first look at Apar Thumbnail. Then what is given in the title of your video. Click on your video after watching it.

If your video title is not optimized. They will skip and leave.

How to optimize video title?

Always try to make sure that the title of the video is between 45-50 words. There are many people who write big titles. But if the title of the video is filled with habijabi words. Then the CTR rate on your video will start to decrease.

Use of keywords in the title

The title of your video must contain your Focus Keyword. For example, you will create a video on “Online Income”. Then you have to have Main Focus Keyword at the beginning of the video title. Then you have to give the Helping keyword. E.g.,

Video Description Optimization

Video Description contributes 1% -5% to YouTube video SEO. You should always try to have your Main / Focus Keyword in the first 25 words of the video description.

Also put a link to your previous videos in the video description As a result, visitors will want to see other videos from one of your videos.

Use the correct tag in the video

According to many people, Tag contributes 50% to the field of YouTube SEO. So many YouTubers copy the tags of videos that have gone viral / Rank on YouTube in the hope of getting more views. Puts in his own video.

But this is not a failed attempt. Because if you copy the tag of the viral video and put it in your own video, the ranking of the video would increase. Then no one in the YouTube sector would fail.

In a real sense, the main purpose of using Tag is. Explain to YouTube Robot about the essence of your video. In fact, your video is based on a topic. Tag is used to indicate that.

But if you put the tag of the ranked video in your video, you will not get any benefit? -Hmmm, if you can do this great job. Then at one time your video will show on Suggested video.

[Alert: Never copy someone else’s tag in your own video. Then the chances of misleading metadata claim will increase in many ways]

How to Tag Optimize Video?

Like finding the right YouTube Tag. You also need to have an idea about the proper use of tags. Always try to keep the YouTube tag small. It is better if it is in maximum 2-4 wards. For example, suppose you make a video about “Online Income”. Then your tags will be,

  • Online Income
  • online income bd
  • online incom site

There are many people who put the title of the video directly in the tag. Which has a negative effect on YouTube SEO]

YouTube Video Social Share
Your video will be shared on as many social media as possible. It will have a much more positive effect on YouTube SEO.

When your video will be link building from different social media. Then YouTube Bot / Crawler will think that there must be something good in your video. That’s why there are so many social shares.

After uploading your video. First copy the link of the video and share it on different social media. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Linkdin, Tumblar etc.

Statutory Warning: Many people misunderstand this social media share strategy. But remember, if you can’t use these tips properly. On the contrary, it will have a negative effect on your YouTube SEO.

There are many people who share the link in the unrelated group or page of Facebook in the hope of viewing the video. For example, in the comments of various posts on Facebook or by going to the big FB page and sharing your YouTube video link in the comment section.

This work is not called social share spamming. And if you do any work related to this spamming. Then it will have a negative effect on your YouTube SEO.

Lazy Tuber and YouTube SEO

Now I will discuss an interesting topic If you are lazy like me. He also does YouTube. Then here are some shortcut techniques for youtube SEO. If you follow those techniques. You too can be an SEO Expert. So let’s not know about some shortcuts.

YouTube Shortcut SEO Technique

Since you are a lazy person, without the hassle of keyword research. How to find high search volume keywords very easily. You need to know that

That’s why first find your niche related big YouTube channels. Then go directly to the Video option 6

From there select the Most view option. Then you can watch those videos Which has the most views.

Diameter! Got High Ranking Keyword without any effort.

Now you have to manage the tag. Is that so? Now you can copy the link to a popular video related to your niche.

Then go straight to Google Mama. Now you search, “youtube video link to find tag”. After searching, many websites will come up. You enter any one website.

Now you have copied the link to the video. Search by pasting it there. You see, the tags used in that video. A complete list of them will appear.

You copy those tags. Then paste it into any Notepad. But remember, don’t forget to use these tags directly in your video.

If you do, it can be counterproductive. So edit those tags lightly. Then use those tags in your video.

If you want to create good quality thumbnails without any effort. Then go to from your browser. Then from there select the template of your choice and create an attractive thumbnail.

Then? What to do then?

Now you don’t have to do anything Just keep looking like a vulture And see if your video gets the expected view.

I hope you have answered all the questions about YouTube.

What is Youtube video seo, rules to make income on youtube, from youtube channel, sale of youtube channel, is income from youtube halal, youtube channel setting, use of youtube, what is youtube tag? All this we have been told in this article.


It is good to know one thing He did SEO and got the result immediately. That is not the case. When working in the SEO sector Then you will understand by yourself. That is how much patience is required to work in this sector.

And YouTube SEO? He has to work with more patience. You will hardly make a video of waking up at night. Then with the hope of a book, you will upload that video following the complete rules of YouTube SEO

But as soon as the video is uploaded, millions of views will come to your video That is not the case. Because, as I said at the beginning, YouTube is a programming robot. The program can sometimes take quite a while to update.

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