What is Keyword Research? The Complete Guide for Beginner

Keyword Research: Keyword Research is one of the most important topics. There is no substitute for keyword research to rank your website. Also the main focus of on-page SEO is keyword research.

But the problem is that those who are brand new to the blogging sector do not bother much about “keyword key” and “how to do word research”.

But you would be surprised to know that SEO is the lifeblood of a website. And the keyword is the lung of SEO.

Remember, no matter how much content you publish on your website. If you do not do keyword research properly. Then you will not get the expected results even after publishing the content.

Just learn Keyword Research to rank the website, this is not the case. Instead, you can earn a lot of income by providing keyword research services in the freelancing marketplace.

So first of all you need to know, “What is Keyword” and “How to do Keyword Research”.

What are keywords?

First of all, you need to know, “What is a keyword?”

Usually people search by typing anything online. Each of them is a keyword. That is, when we search by typing something in the search box of Google or YouTube. The words we write are called, Keyword.

How many types of keywords?

When you think of splitting the keyword. Then you can divide the keyword into 3 parts. E.g.

  • Long tail keywords
  • Short tail keywords
  • LSI keyword

Why the keyword is divided into 3 parts. Let’s not worry about that, let’s not know now, what is called long tail keyword and short tail keyword and LSI keyword.

What is a long tail keyword?

I read a lot about keywords, but one thing many people ask is what is a long tail keyword?

To put it bluntly, a keyword that has more than three words in it is called a long tail keyword. You should know that long tail keywords usually have less search volume.

However, long tail keywords can usually be sorted better than short tail keywords.

I think it would be helpful to give you an example,

I assume your keyword is “Online Income”. Look, having less than three words here means only online income.

If you write like this, there is a beautiful sweetness in writing “Easy way to earn income online”.

Your keyword “online income” is fine but there is an easy way to earn income associated with it.

If you are new to bogging or if your website is new then you must try to work with long tail keywords. This makes it possible for your website to rank very easily.

A keyword with more than three words inside a keyword is called a long tail keyword.

What is a short tail keyword?

I have already written above the difference with long tail keywords. I think you understand what is the difference between short tail keyword and long tail keyword?

When people type a short keyword into Google, for example, “keyword research”, only 2 words are used here. And this keyword is called short because only two words are used here.

Basically people search by typing most of the short tail keywords. But if you want to rank blogging articles, you must work with long tail keywords.

What is LSI Keyword?

The full form of the LSI keyword is “Latent Semantic Indexing”. In simple terms, by aligning it with your original keyword, which is available. Originally it was called, LSI keyword.

For example, someone searched online, “Mobile”. Here Mobile is the main keyword.

Now let’s go to find LSI by targeting the main keyword. Then the keywords that will come in front of you, they are, Samsung Mobile, Nokia Mobile, Apple Mobile, etc.

What is keyword research?

Hopefully after coming this far in the article, “What is a keyword”? And “how many types of keywords”? – Got a clear idea about it.

Now we will know, “What is keyword research”?

The word research means to do research. Just like when you do enough reviews on a single keyword. Then he will be called, Keyword Research.

For example, the one you have selected as the focus keyword. Is it a long tail or a short tail! What is its search volume! The work that is done to know the issues like his difficulty. Basically he is called, keyword research.

Why do keyword research?

As I said at the beginning of the article, the main focus of on-page SEO is keyword research. This means that even after publishing hundreds of content on your website, you will not get the expected results.

If you can’t do keyword research properly.

But the question is, “Why do I care so much about keyword research?”

You see, there are two things you need to think about before making a website popular. First, which audience are you targeting? And second, your target audience searches online for any information.

Remember, if you want to bring a lot of visitors to the website You must take these two issues very seriously.

For example, you have a technology related website. In other words, the people that are Tech Lover, those people are your targeted audience.

Now you have to find out, people who love technology. They basically search by typing what is online

[Important] When you find the keywords they are searching for. Then you have to do research on those keywords.

But the question remains, “Why do we do keyword research?”

Okay, so if you do keyword research. If a keyword is long tail or short tail, you can find out about the search volume of that keyword, and how difficult it is.

How do I do keyword research?

Gradually we moved on to the main episode. So from now on I will discuss the points Read each of those points very carefully.

So you can do keyword research in two ways. One, manually and the other through tools.

But you should know that when you do any keyword research manually. Then it may take you up to a few hours

On the other hand, if you can do this in a few minutes through the tools. That’s why today we will know how to do keyword research through Tools.

If you do a Google search for “Keyword research tools”. Then you will find dozens of websites. The sites that do this related work.

But before that, you need to know the tools available for online keyword research. They are divided into 2 parts. So let’s try to get a rough idea about that.

Kind of keyword research tools

You will find 2 types of tools for doing keyword research online. E.g.

  • Paid tools and
  • Free tools

When you use any tools with money to do keyword research. Then those tools are called, Paid Tools. Similarly, when you can use a tool for free, it is called Free Tools.

Now what tools do you actually use to do keyword research? It will depend entirely on you. If you have enough money to spend

Then you can use Paid Tools. Otherwise, I think it would be appropriate to use Free Tools.

So this time we will know that there are no such tools online. Through which it is possible to do keyword research for free.

Free tools for keyword research

If you think that, you don’t spend any kind of money. Do professional keyword research at once. Then the names of many tools will come in front of you.

There are several benefits to using these tools. For example, you don’t have to spend any money to use them. If you want you can do Unlimited Keyword Research.

So if you want to know about the tools that can do keyword research for free, the names of the first tools will come first. Those are,

Google Keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner is a product of Google’s own Honestly I use these tools before I write each of my articles.

To my knowledge, the best tool for free keyword research is Google Keyword Planner.

To do keyword research with these tools, first you need to pick your Focus Keyword. Then go to Keyword Planner and put your picked keyword to search.

Then you will be able to know all the information related to that keyword.

Google Keyword Planner.

After searching, this tool will show me the total number of people searching online for the keywords I typed.

A total of how many people search online about this keyword. In addition to providing this information, you can also see how the competition for this keyword.

That is, you will search by typing that keyword. If the content is already published on a website with that keyword.

So in order to come to the top position in Search Engine, how to compete with them He can guess about.

People also search more in any language with the keyword you searched for. People from any place can easily find the information by typing this keyword and searching online through these Google Keyword Planner tools.

There are also several features of these tools. One of its virtues is that with these tools you can research keywords in any language.

However, you can do keyword research for free with Google Keyword Planner.

Answer The Public

Another popular tool for doing keyword research for free is Answer the public. Through which you can do unlimited keyword research for free.

So now the question is, “How do you do free keyword research from this website? “

To do free keyword research, you first need to access this website And as soon as you enter, you can see A man is moving and staring at you.

So you scroll down without looking at that person. At the bottom you can see 3 boxes in Asama

In the first box you have to select the language. That means you will actually do keyword research in any language You have to select it here.

However, sadly, you will not be able to do any keyword research in Bengali with these tools.

Then in the second box you will see an option called Region. But this option is only open to those who will basically pay to use this tool.

So you will skip this option. You will then see in the third box, “Enter Your Keyword”. Basically, you have to search by putting your targeted keywords in this box.

And find out more about the keywords you searched for. If you use this tool called Answer the public, you will get some benefits.

For example, your Keyword Related LSI Keywords will be. You can easily find them with these tools.

For example, if you search by typing “online income” Then you will find many more keywords related to this online income. E.g.,

  • Online income technique
  • Online income tips etc.


Like other tools, Free Unique Tools is Keyworddit. With these tools you can find out the niche related keywords.

However, it is better to say that you will find those keywords through this website. The keywords that are searched on Raddit.

If you have no idea about the niche of your website. Then Keyworddit will be the most suitable tool for you.

For example, you create a new mobile review website. But you do not understand that people search online for some of the topics related to mobile reviews.

Then you can use this tool called Keyworddit.

If you do keyword research through these tools. Then you will find many more Relevant Keywords related to your keywords

In addition to the Focus Keyword, you will also find the relevant keywords You can also find out about the search volume of those keywords.

So I recommend this tool to you, for some reason. Some of the notable reasons are those who are completely new to the blogging sector Keyworddit will be the easiest tool for them to do keyword research.

Google Search Console

Did you know that keyword research can also be done through the Google Search Console?

You may be surprised to know that Google Search Console plays a significant role in increasing the performance of your website.

When you create a new website. And publish some content on that website. Then Google Search Console will be very helpful for you.

With these tools, you can find out which keywords Google is actually targeting, bringing visitors to your website. And in what keywords your website is getting impressions.

You will also learn about one more important topic. That is, there is a keyword, that your website is in a good position in the keyword.

Now the question may arise in your mind that, “Brother, I understand everything. But what are the benefits of using these tools?

Yes! When you use this tool Then you will especially benefit from one aspect. That is, you will publish content on your website next. He will be able to know about.

However, these tools have a disadvantage. That is, when you do keyword research through the Google Search Console. Then you will only find the targeted keywords.

But what is the search volume of those keywords, what is the keyword difficulty. You will not get any idea about these things The way then?

It is a very simple matter. The keyword you want to write content in Go to Google Keyword Planner and search for that keyword.

Then you can easily find out about the search volume and difficulty of that keyword.

Keyword Surfer

Another popular tool for keyword research is Keyword Surfer.

With these tools you can easily find out the search volume of a keyword, keyword difficulty, etc. very quickly.

However, it is better to say, those who have a desktop or laptop 7 They will get special benefits from using this tool. Because, Keyword Surfer is an extension. And keyword research is done through this extension.

So if you use this tool. Then you can enjoy several benefits. For example, when we search something on Google ৷

Then Google shows some more keywords related to that topic just below the search box.

So through Keyword Surfer you will search by typing that topic. In addition to showing the search volume of that topic, there will be more keywords related to that topic.

You can find out about the search volume of all of them through this Keyword Surfer.

Google Auto Suggest

The best way to do completely free keyword research is with Google Auto Suggest.

Through this, people actually search on Google for any topic. Accurate information about him is available at once.

Remember, when searching for something on Google. Google shows the Relevant Keywords. If you publish content targeting those keywords on your website.

Then your website will have a lot of visitors.

Because, Google Auto Suggest will show those keywords then. When people write those topics and search a lot.

Now if you use the keywords shown in this Auto Suggest as focus keywords. And publish content on your website by VV on that keyword

Then you will get a lot of visitors. Be sure of that at once.

So consider Google Auto Suggest seriously when doing keyword research.

Paid tools for keyword research

The free tools you have to do keyword research for so long Learn more about those tools.

Now we will learn about some paid tools. Through which you can easily research any keyword.

So there are many Paid Tools online. Through which it is possible to do keyword research. If you go to Google and search by typing “Best tools for keyword search” Then you will see a list of a dozen such tools.

However, it is not possible for me to discuss every tool in an article. And even if I discuss. Then you will lose interest in reading this article.

So I made a list. Where you have paid tools for keyword research Learn about them. So let’s take a look at that list.

Paid Tools List for Keyword Research

If you want to use these tools mentioned below Then you have to count the big amount of money at the beginning.

Otherwise, you have free tools for keyword research You can use them.

There are many tools to do keyword research for money online Some of the notable tools are:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • WebCEO
  • Ubersuggest
  • Serpstat
  • Mangools KWFinder
  • Moz
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • BuzzSumo
  • SpyFu

However, there are many more tools besides these. Tools that will be affordable according to your budget You can use those tools.

Which keywords to choose?

Have you known for a long time what “keyword research” is and “how to do keyword research”? You have also learned about some Paid Tools and Free Tools for keyword research.

So this time the main thing is, when you do keyword research Then you actually choose what kind of keywords.

Because, if you publish content on any keyword you want. But then it will be very difficult to rank your website in search engines.

So you have to catch such keywords. That keyword has enough search volume. And besides that the difficulty of that keyword will be much less.

Suppose you find a keyword like that. Difficulty at once 0 (zero), but the search volume of the keyword and 1%.

Now if you publish content on your website based on that keyword. But then you will not get any kind of benefit. Because it is a keyword that people do not search.

So you have to find such keywords. The search volume of those keywords will be enough. And the competition for that keyword will be relatively low.

For example, after doing research, you found out that the keyword “Make Money Online” has a lot of search volume. So do you publish content with that keyword?

No! Never, because this keyword Make Money Online has a lot of search volume. There will be a lot of competition for this keyword, that’s normal.

At this time you have to do another research on the main keyword and find the relevant keywords.

For example, if you have “Make Money Online” – this keyword will be relevant (Relevant) Keyword, Make Money Online website, or Make Money Online Apps etc.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And you have to publish that keyword related article. Then you will get the expected visitors to your website.

What did we learn about Keyword Research?

Well, tell me, what did we learn from today’s article? Can you tell?

I’m telling you, in today’s article we know, what is a keyword? How many types of keywords are there? And what are those types.

We also know, what is keyword research? How to do Keyword Research?

In addition to this, we have also learned how to do keyword research through Free Tools. And what Paid Tools are available for keyword research.

And finally we know that, after doing keyword research properly. What kind of keywords do you actually choose?


Remember, keyword research is very important for on-page SEO. How many visitors will come to any website.

It all depends on how you are doing keyword research.

Lastly, if you want to survive in the blogging sector, never neglect “keyword research”. Try to spend enough time to do this.

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