What is keyword density? The Beginner’s to Advanced Guide KW density

What is keyword density: It is very important for a blogger to know about keyword density. Because, Density is a sensitive aspect. If you do not take this issue seriously.

Then your SEO optimization will be the opposite.

You may have learned from various blogs or YouTube videos that the keyword should be the focus of the article. However, this is not a wrong information, but it is very important to have a Focus Keyword in your article.

Because you will write an article focusing on that topic. There is no alternative to Targeted Keyword Placement to convince search engines about that topic.

But as time goes on, search engines are trying to reach the advanced level.

But in the last few years, these search engines were not so advanced. As far as we can see today. At that time there was no need to stress about keyword density.

At that time the article was written in that keyword. In that article, Focus Keyword was used in additional terms. Keyword Stuffing. As a result, the search engines could easily rank any article in that keyword.

But for today’s bloggers, it has become very important to have knowledge about Keyword Density. If you do not attach much importance to this keyword density.

Then you will fall under Black Hat SEO to search engines.

And you must know that the websites that fall under Black Hat SEO. Those sites never rank in search engines. There is a possibility of eating the reverse penalty.

So since you have moved on to this article. So I assume you are a blogger like me. And today’s article is very important for you as a blogger.

So I request you to take a little time to read the whole article carefully. Then today you can learn about many unknown things.

What is keyword density?

So first of all you need to know about the difference between Keyword and Density. Then the following discussions will help you to understand.

First we will get acquainted with keywords. Because if you don’t know what a keyword is. Then don’t understand anything about density.

Generally, people search by typing anything online. Basically every word searched by people is a keyword. For example, if you go to Google and search, “What is SEO” then it will be a keyword.

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The total amount of Focus Keyword used in an article will be called the amount of keyword density. Wait, let’s not clear the matter with another example.

Suppose you are writing an article on OFF Page SEO. Now in that article, how many times are you mentioning Off page seo? One of its quantities would be called, keyword density.

Don’t understand? If you don’t understand, read it again, boss. Otherwise you will not be able to understand some of the subsequent discussions

Why should keyword density be fixed?

Now you might think, damn it! Brother. How many times will I use keywords in my article or not. There is so much to worry about.

My website, my article, I will use as many keywords as I like.

If you think so. Then know, doing this means you are hitting the ax on your own feet. Because it will never bring you benefits.

Look, I’ve been working with the blogging sector for several years. I have also had a lot of blogging related experiences.

If I spoke a few years ago, I would not have thought so much about these things at that time. At that time these issues were taken very easily.

Since search engines have to use keywords to get an idea of ​​the main topic of your article.

And by using this opportunity, many people could easily bring their article to Rank (Top Position).

But the situation has changed a lot boss. There is a huge difference between the Google Algorithm of that time and the Google Algorithm of today.

In this short time, Google has brought so many updates to its algorithm. Which is why if you work according to the previous theory. Then Saturn will come down on your forehead.

The way we used to bring the article to the top position according to the previous theory. Today that theory is called, Keyword Stuffing. Which is a part of Black Hat SEO.

And you want to fool Google. And Google will not caress you son-in-law, how is that possible?

See who works and tries to come to the top position. Google, however, gradually lowers those websites from the rankings.

How to fix keyword density?

Now that the article has come this far, you may be in a dilemma. Because on the one hand, as SEO experts say, if you want to bring any article to the top position of Google.

The original keyword must be used in the article.

Again, you now know that you have to face a lot of losses due to using extra keywords. If you use extra keywords

Then in the eyes of Google you will fall under Black Hat SEO. And when Google finds out that you are using the black hat technique to bring an article or website to the top position.

Then Google will give you a penalty.

So what’s the way now? Now how do you use keywords in articles? And how many times should I use keywords in an article?

Hmmm, basically those who get new ideas about this keyword and density. These questions are always on their minds.

Suppose you write a 3000 word article. Now how do you know how many keywords to use in this article?

To understand this you have to work according to a formula. If you follow this formula.

Hopefully, you never have to worry about Google penalties.

Basically you will know the formula from the next discussion. From there you will find answers to several questions. E.g.,

  • How many times should Focus Keyword be used in a certain amount of words in an article?
  • How many times can targeted keywords be used in an article (small / large)?
  • SEO should not have any effect Hence the rule of using comparatively targeted keywords in an article.
  • Keyword Stuffing means using extra amount of keywords But the total number of keywords used will fall under Stuffing.

So you also have to keep pace with that algorithm update

So if you want to avoid keyword stuffing. Then you need to get the right idea about keyword density.

And to get the right idea about it, you have to follow the correct Formula of Keyword Density.

In order to work according to this correct formula, you need to have a clear idea about Keyword Calculation. So let’s learn more about that keyword formula calculation.

Rules for calculating keyword density

So when you try to get the right idea about the density of the keyword from an article. Then you need to know about several things. E.g.,

  • You want to determine the density of the article. The total number of words in the article is made up. You need to know that.
  • Then you need to find out how many times your Focus Keyword has been used in that article.
  • Now you need to apply the formula discussed below.

Keyword Density Calculation Formula

When trying to find the keyword density of an article. Then you have to do a small sum. And this figure has a needle. That is,

(Total Number of Times Use Keyword / Total Number of Word in The Article × 100)

That is, first of all you have to find the total amount of focus keywords. Then you have to find out the total number of words written in the article.

The matter seems confusing, right? Let’s discuss a little easier. As if the matter seems easier to you

Suppose you write an article of 1200 words. Now you have calculated that the Focus Keyword has been used a total of 12 times in that article.

So now if you apply this amount to the formula, you will get two things. E.g.,

  • Number of times keyword used = 12
  • Total number of words in article = 1200

Now let’s apply the above amounts to the Keyword Density Formula.

(12/1200) 100

12/1200 = 0.01

0.01 × 100 = 1

This means that the keyword density in that article is 1%.

So this way you can find out the total keyword density of any article. That is why you have to work according to the above formula.

But if you are a little raw in numbers like me. Then there is another arrangement for you.

You can use Online Tools to find out the keyword density. That’s why you don’t have to do any calculations.

Instead, copy the link of your article and place it in those tools And in a few seconds you will know about the amount of Keyword Density.

So let’s learn a little about those online tools.

Online Tools For Find Keyword Density

There are currently a large number of online tools available for doing anything related to blogging. Similarly, there are many tools to find out the density of the keyword in an article. E.g.,


See when you use tools. Then never rely on a Tools. Because I can’t guarantee that the tools provide 100% accurate information.

So try to use more than one tool to get any result

However, if you are a Wp User (WordPress). Then you can do this very easily. That’s why you need to use Yoast SEO Plugin.

Because in this tool you can see the SEO score of your article. Where you will also get accurate information about the keyword density of your article.

What percentage of keyword density is good?

Now after knowing so much, the question may arise in your mind that, brother, I have understood everything. But you didn’t say what percentage of keyword density is good in an article.

So let’s talk about that.

So it will really depend on how your visitors are taking the article. Visitors will depend on whether they like your article or not. Which is called, User Experience.

Now if the visitor leaves immediately after coming to your article. But then it will have a negative effect on Google. Because in that case the bounce rate of the said article will increase many times.

There are many such bloggers nowadays. Those who think I will use as many keywords in the article. That article will rank faster. In fact it is nothing but a misconception.

Moreover, if more than one keyword is used in an article, 7 Loses the sweetness of that article. You have to keep that in mind.

However, try to have your keyword density between 1% and 3%. This will maintain the user experience. In addition to this, the sweetness of your article will also exist.

In which part of the article is it important to use keywords?

Since I have talked about the sweetness of the article. So I think it should be discussed a little bit.

See, the keyword that you will focus on Try to use that keyword in the main parts of the article.

This will allow you to properly SEO your article. In addition to this, you will also get positive feedback in terms of user experience.
So you should use the main keyword in several parts of an article. E.g.,

  • The Permalink in the article will have to use the main keyword.
  • You need to use Focus Keyword in the Title of the article.
  • H1, H2, H3 tags should be used at least once.
  • You need to use keywords in the meta description of the article.
  • It is better to use keywords in the last paragraph of the article.
  • Keywords should be used within 100-250 words at the beginning of an article.
  • Also if you take a good look at this article of mine. Then you can actually match where I actually used the keyword.

Also if you take a good look at this article of mine. Then you can actually match where I actually used the keyword.

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