What is Guest Post, Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging 2023

Guest posts play a very important role in off-page SEO. Guest posts are some hidden techniques to get backlinks. Through which your website has that domain. You can easily build up High Authority in that domain.

What is a guest post? Why guest posts are needed

In addition, you can bring your targeted keywords to the top position of search engines. But even if everyone follows the other strategies to get backlinks, Guest Post is not given much importance.

The main reason for this is that such High Quality Backlinks are available through guest posts. Just like this you have to spend a lot of time, labor and sometimes enough money for this work.

Also you got the chance to post more guests. This is not the case. Instead, you need to know a lot of strategies to get a backlink from the High Authority website through Guest Post.

In today’s article, I will discuss those guest posting techniques step by step. Besides, what is Guest Post and why we should post Guest. I will discuss about it in detail.

So if you have a website. And you want to do off-page SEO through guest posts on that website. Then read carefully from the beginning to the end of today’s article.

Then you can learn a lot. Which will help you take your blogging career one step further.

What is a guest post?

In common parlance, the word guest means guest. So when you go to another website and publish your written content as a guest. Then that content will be called, guest post.

Through this process, however, both parties get equal benefits. On the one hand you were able to get backlinks from such high authority websites. On the other hand, you have published content on the website. But he also got a free content.

So those who are basically SEO experts or those who provide backlink service. They give the most importance to this guest post when doing off page SEO. Because the most important thing about off page SEO is backlinks.

And there are so many techniques to get this backlink. One of them is, Guest Post. So when you do off page SEO Then you also have to do these techniques.

Why guest post?

As I said at the beginning, the main purpose of Guest Post is to increase the authority of your website. That means when you can link to your site from big websites. Then your website’s ranking in search engines will continue to increase.

Now the question may arise in your mind that “How to increase the ranking of a website if you get a link from a big website through guest posts”?

If such questions remain in your mind. So pay a little attention now and think. Suppose you want to buy a mobile. Now you do not understand which brand of mobile to buy.

Just then a friend told you to pick up a Realme Brand phone. Again all the rest of your friends said, take the Samsung Brand phone. What do you do now, surely you will give more priority to Samsung in the words of other friends, right?

Because one of your friends is talking about Realm, but all the other friends are talking about Samsung. Just think of the Google search engine in the same way. When you create a new website.

But then Google will not know much about your website. So at this time if you take links to your website from high quality websites. But then it will provide a kind of positive signal to Google.

When quality websites will support your website. Then Google will think your website must have something good. Due to which other websites are supporting you.

So this is the main purpose of guest posting. On the one hand, you can gain high authority. On the other hand another one is getting a free content because of you.

Remember, guest posts are not limited to link building. Instead, you can link to your website by following this technique from a popular website. Then you can gain Authority as well as get a lot of visitors from that website]

What to keep in mind before posting a guest?

See, you have known for so long that there are many benefits to posting a guest. But he did not start the work again without knowing and understanding. Because before that you have to keep several more things in mind.

If you do not comply with the following. Then your website will be reversed instead of ranking. ]

See as I said above, when linking to your website from different websites will support. This support will then send a kind of positive signal to Google.

But here you have to understand one thing. That is, if your site is linking to a low quality website or a website outside the rules of Google.

But then Google will send a negative signal to Google about your website. That’s why when you post a guest. Then you want to take the link from that website.

You must pay special attention to that website. So this time I will discuss those issues. Things that you need to consider in particular.

01- Similar Niche Website

Before posting a guest, you need to give the most importance to Similar Niche Website. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Posting on a website that works exactly the same way.

That is, if you work in Technology. Then you have to go to Sem Nish’s website and post. Again if you work with News. Then you need to get links from websites that are basically working with news.

Now the question may arise in your mind that, “Brother, if I link to a different niche website through Guest Post. Then I will not get any kind of benefit ”?

I will answer this question, yes! Of course you will get benefits. Because the purpose of ON Page SEO is to increase the authority through backlinks.

But if you can link from Same Nish’s website. Then you will benefit more than others. You will not get the same benefits by exchanging links from different niche websites.

02- Authority website

To understand this you need to know about DA and PA. In addition, I have used the word “authority” from the beginning. What is the purpose of this term?

You also need to have a clear idea about it. So DA is the full form, Domain Authority and PA is the full form, Page Authority. And this DA and PA combination is called Website Authority Buildup.

But if you want to know about Website Authority. Then you have to explain with one more sangha. The message is, “When a website acquires loyalty to Google in a certain way.”

It was then called the Authority website. ” For example, Facebook is a social media website. But now Facebook has gained loyalty to Google. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

Then Google will definitely recommend Facebook. Just like when you post guests for your website. Then make sure that it is an authorized website.

03- Having enough visitors

When you take a link from a website through Guest Post. Then you must pay attention to the visitors of that website. This means that the website must have enough visitors.

Now the question may arise in your mind that, “Brother, I will post a guest for linking. What role will visitors play here ”?

So listen, you must focus on the visitor. The first is the website that has visitors. From there you can bring some amount of visitors to your website.

And secondly, when visitors click on that link in your Guest Post, your website will come up. And will spend as much time as you can on your site. Your link will be more important. In simple words, Link Juice (Link Juice).

So this is why when you take a link from a website through a guest post. Then of course you have to focus enough on the visitors of that website.

04- Spam free website

One thing to keep in mind is that websites are associated with spamming. But they are the eternal enemy of Google. As long as you stay connected to the blogging sector. Until then, work with this word in mind.

Now if you post a guest on a website that is spamming. And take a link to your website from that site. But then the opposite will happen.

So try to stay away from spamming websites. Guest posts on these sites are a far cry, do not exchange any kind of link.

How to find a guest posting website?

This time we will discuss the main topic. You already know what a Guest Post is and why you should post a guest. Now we will know how to find the websites that approve guest posts.

If you want to do this manually. But then you have to spend a lot of time. But if you use some parameters. But you can do this in a very short time.

Now the question that may arise in your mind is, “What is parameter again?” So listen, parameters are some of the shortcut techniques. Which allows you to easily find your targeted results.

For example, if you go to Google to post a guest and check one website after another. But then you will spend a lot of time. On the other hand, if you use the shortcut technique of a small parameter.

But you can do this easily. For example, Your Keyword “guest post”.

So I assume that your targeted keyword is, “Make Money Online”. Now if you want to find a website to post guest on this keyword. Then you need to use the following parameters. E.g.,

make money online “guest post”.

I have collected some more shortcut parameters for your convenience. Through which you will get your desired results very easily. E.g.

Your Keyword “guest post”
Your Keyword “write for us”
Your Keyword “guest article”
Your Keyword “guest post opportunities”
Your Keyword “this is a guest post by”
Your Keyword “contributing writer”
Your Keyword “want to write for”
Your Keyword “submit blog post”
Your Keyword “contribute to our site”
Your Keyword “guest column”
Your Keyword “submit content”
Your Keyword “submit your content”
Your Keyword “submit post”
Your Keyword “This post was written by”
Your Keyword “guest post courtesy of”
Your Keyword “guest posting guidelines”
Your Keyword “suggest a post”
Your Keyword “submit an article”
Your Keyword “contributor guidelines”
Your Keyword “contributing writer”
Your Keyword “submit news”
Your Keyword “become a guest blogger
Your Keyword “guest blogger”
Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”
Your Keyword “looking for guest posts”
Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”
Your Keyword “guest poster wanted”
Your Keyword “accepting guest posts”
Your Keyword “writers wanted”
Your Keyword “articles wanted”
Your Keyword “become an author”
Your Keyword “become guest writer”
Your Keyword “become a contributor”
Your Keyword “submit guest post”
Your Keyword “submit an article”
Your Keyword “submit article”
Your Keyword “guest author”
Your Keyword “send a tip”
Your Keyword inurl: “guest blogger”
Your Keyword inurl: “guest post”
allintitle: Your Keyword + guest post

How to contact to post guest?

This is the most important thing. You can use the parameters to find websites that approve guest posts. But that doesn’t mean you can post guests on all websites.

But here you have to adopt some advanced techniques. Because, you have to say something like that to the Website Owner. As if the owner agrees to approve your guest post.

For example, after using the parameters, you found the desired websites. This time you contacted the owner of that website by mail. And your Mail was like this,

Hi [Name]

I am (ABCD). I am a good content writer. I want to write a guest post in your popular website. If you agreed, so please knock me as soon as possible. Thank You

[Your Name]

Remember, when you mail this type to a Website Owner. But then the chances of getting a replay of your mail will be greatly reduced. Because whoever you mail like this will think you are an unprofessional.

And they don’t pay much attention to such mails. As much as in the field of a Professional Mail.

So make sure your mail has a professional feel. For your convenience, I have given some Mail Templates. You can use those templates as needed.

Guest Post Template # 01
Hi [Name],

This is [Your name] from [Company name], and I’m dropping you a line to see if you’re accepting new guest bloggers. I write about [topics] and thought an article about [relevant topic] would be a good fit for your blog.

Here are some examples of my latest guest posts:

[Blog post link 1]

[Blog post link 2]

[Blog post link 3]

The post will be 100% original, written just for your blog, and will not be posted elsewhere. I would appreciate an author bio with a live link back to my site. If you’re interested in this cooperation, please get back to me.



Guest Post Template # 02
Hey [Name],

I’ve got a great idea for a post that I believe would do well on [Blog name]. Are you looking for more contributors to write for your blog right now? If so, I’d love to send some original content your way.

I’m already writing regularly for [Blog name 1], [Blog name 2], and [Blog name 3]. Here are a few of my latest posts:

[Blog post link 1]

[Blog post link 2]

[Blog post link 3]

Let me know if you are interested – and I’ll send you some topic ideas.



Guest Post Template # 03
Hello [Name],

My name is [Your name]. I know you probably receive tons of emails every day, so I’ll keep it short.

I see that you publish some really great content about the topics like [topic 1] and [topic 2]. I am writing a well-researched, data-driven, and in-depth blog post on [topic] which might be a great addition to your blog.

Here are a few samples of my recently contributed guest posts to other blogs:

[Blog post link 1]

[Blog post link 2]

[Blog post link 3]

Do you mind if I send you the draft so you can see if it’s a good fit for [Blog name]?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



When you email someone to post a guest. Then you have to look at several things. E.g.,

Try to make the beginning of the email attractive. For example, “I will refer to your regular readers” or “Specify specific articles or comments”.

Don’t prolong your mail. If necessary, try to write a mail in 150 words.
The person you are mailing should not understand in any way that you will benefit if you post a guest on his site.
Be sure to mention your previous experience and published content.

Our last word

If you read the above discussions well. Then hopefully you have got a clear idea about all the issues related to guest posts. If you still have a problem, you must comment.

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