What is Google Penalty, The complete Guide 2023

What is Google Penalty: Google Penalty is one of the most dangerous issues for any website. A blogger dreams of his website. One Google Plenty is enough to dust that dream off in an instant.

What is Google Plenty?

The website is subject to Google penalties. Only he will understand how bad it feels then. Google has given a penalty to any of its websites at least once.

The main topic of discussion today is Google Penalty. Basically, what is it, why does Google give a penalty to a website, what is the effect on the website and how to solve this problem.

I will discuss all these issues step by step. So if you have a website or already Google has given your website a penalty.

Then read today’s article carefully. Because this article is written just for you.

What is Google Penalty?

Simply put, Google indexed all the data on your website. The process of re-deleting that data is called Google Penalty.

Suppose you have a website. There are several keyword rankings of that website. And from that keyword comes regular visitors every day.

But suddenly you see that your site is not performing as well as before. That is, the keywords that you used to rank. They are gradually going behind the search results. Never again will your site be found in that keyword in the search results.

In addition, your site is getting a lot less visitors than before. Or no visitors are coming. Then you will understand that Google has given a penalty to your website.

As a result, the information on your website was indexed in the Google Search Console. All his information is deleted manually or robotically.

As a result, both your ranked keywords and your visitors continue to decline. If you continue like this, at some point, the website of your dreams will die. Which will not be of any use.

How many types of Google penalties?

Although this penalty works the same, it is of two types. E.g.

If your website falls under any of the above. Then you will understand that your site will start to drop ranking continuously.

So now we should know, what is Manually and Robotic Planty? And how to solve this problem.

What is Google Penalty Manually?

Usually the tasks that people do themselves without any robotic help. He is called, Manually. So when it comes to any update of Google Algorithm.

Then according to that algorithm if there is any kind of error in your website. Or why you work outside of the Google guidelines.

Google will automatically penalize your website. And this process is called manual Google penalty.

What is the robotic Google penalty?

You may have guessed something after hearing the word robotic. So I have said in several articles that Google / YouTube is a programming robot. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

And according to that program, automatic work continues. Similarly, when Google makes any changes to their algorithm. Then the way the program is setup. If your website does not match with that program

Then that programming robot puts your website on the penalty list. And this process is called robotic Google penalty.

When is the website penalized?

So hopefully, what is Google Planty and how many types it is. Clear got an idea about him. So now you need to know, when does Google penalize a website?

Does it have a specific time? Or will Google give a penalty when it wants? Now I will discuss about these. I will answer these questions when there is an update from Google. Just then this problem is read.

And the root cause of this problem is Google Algorithm Update.

Now the question may arise in your mind, what is the Google algorithm update again? And what is the need to give this update? And when does Google give these updates?

Since you have a website. So you know about SEO. The full form of which is Search Engine Optimization. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Make sure your website is in the top position of Google.

So even if you know a lot about SEO, learn something new today. That is, the main reason for giving a website a Google penalty is SEO.

People hire SEO experts with millions of rupees. Again, I say that the reason for doing SEO is that the website eats penalty. So I will explain this, but first give me an answer to a question.

Q: What is the job of an SEO expert?

You might say that bringing your website to the fast position of search engines is the main job of an SEO expert. But your idea is completely wrong. Because you can’t find such an SEO expert.

That can guarantee you that any of your keywords will be 100% ranked. So the main job of those SEO Specialists is to sort your website and content according to the rules of search engines.

And fix any errors. But the real problem is elsewhere. We are forced to rank our website.

Maybe we can learn from one or two blogs that if you backlink, the site will rank faster. Then Uradhura started creating backlinks. That is, whatever we do, the main purpose of all work is to rank the website.

But you are trying to force that rank. Google can’t even see it with one eye. Because Google will never want any low quality content to be in a fast position. And visitors should go to that website and feel confused.

So whenever anyone can find out about 1% of Google’s algorithm. And Low Quality Content continues to rank. Just then Google made some changes to their own algorithm. Which is called, Google Algorithm Update.

And besides that the websites that are trying to come up in the rankings by following illegal methods. Or already ranked in the search results. Those websites are penalized periodically.

What are the reasons for giving Google penalty?

So if any question arises in your mind from the above discussion. Then read a little carefully from now on Because now you know the reasons why Google penalizes a website.

In fact, there are many reasons for Google to pay a penalty. If you want to know all the reasons. Then another article can be written about this.

But I have done a lot of searching and listed some major reasons. And I will try to mention those reasons in stages. And at the same time keep an eye on whether you are doing these things yourself.

Purchasing backlinks

Those of us who blog or work with websites. Most of them think that backlink is very important for SEO.

In fact, I will not go into the context of whether the website ranks because of backlinks. Rather if you buy this backlink from any source. Only then will the beginning of such a huge BPO take place.

Because if Google finds out in any way, the linking that has been done to your website. They have been taken through Paid Service But then Google will not allow you to caress the son-in-law.

As a result you will spend that time and money behind the backlinks in the hope of ranking. Everything will be in vain. Because penalty websites never rank. Rather, the ranking gradually goes down.

Copying someone else’s content

If you are involved with blogging you will know about Plagrisum. Which means if the content you write matches with any other content. Then he is called, Pluralism Content.

But there are many of us who do not give much importance to these issues. Copy the ranked content of another website directly and post it on your own website.

But you should know that Google does not give preference to copy content in any way. Because Google wants visitors to find new information after searching for something.

For example, if you type any keyword, do a Google search. Then try to find the same content on different websites.

But your efforts will repeatedly fail Because Google never allows duplicate content. And if you find any such duplicate content. Then write that the duplicate content will not last long.

Keyword stuffing

For the sake of learning SEO, you will never know about Keyword Placement. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. That content must have your Focus Keyword.

But many take advantage of this opportunity. Although there is not much idea about black hat SEO, many people do keyword staffing by mistake.

Now you may be wondering, what is Keyword Staffing again?

When you overuse keywords in your content. Then he was called, keyword stuffing. That is, if you use your original keyword 30-40 times in content in 1K Word. Then that content will be called, Keyword Staffing Content.

Following the Black Hat Method
While learning SEO, you will somehow know about Black Hate SEO. This black hat SEO will play a special role in making your website fall under penalty.

So the question is, what is this Black Hate SEO?

See, I said at the beginning that if you put pressure on Google to rank your website. But then the opposite will happen. Because Google takes this pressure as a negative signal.

And Black Hate SEO has as many techniques. The main task of all those techniques is to try to fool Google. And to provide ranking to your website in an illegal way

So there are several more reasons to eat a website penalty. If we discuss all those reasons in detail, the article will become much bigger. So below are the main topics. E.g.,

  • Beware of quick fixes
  • Using a content farm
  • Prominent ads
  • Content theft
  • Domain has a bad rep
  • Few outbound links
  • Poor mobile websites
  • Smuggled links
  • Malicious backlinks
  • Too many outbound links
  • Robots.txt flaws
  • Hiding your sponsors etc
  • So Google penalizes a website for the above reasons. So if you try to use any of the illegal methods mentioned.

Then get rid of those thoughts from your head from today. And try to rank your site legitimately.

What to do after giving Google Pelanti?

See Google is penalizing your website This does not mean that your website will not rank for life. If you think so, then your idea is completely wrong.

Because in the example I have seen many websites that have been able to recover a time even after being penalized. So this time we will know when Google will give a penalty to any of your websites. Then what do you really need to do to recover that site.

01- Check Your Search Console

So first you have to do something manually. In the beginning you have to do a little study on your own without relying on any tools.

That’s why you go directly to your Search Console. And go there and check if Google has given you any kind of message or notification.

If you have received a message or notification. Then the main reason for penalizing your website will be mentioned.

Now you have to find out the reason. And Google has penalized your site for that reason. Those problems have to be solved.

02- Check Google Algorithm Update

Many times Google comes up with some changes of their own algorithm. Because of these changes, however, your website may be penalized. So you need to find out if there is any update coming from Google.

So keep a regular eye on the above sources. Then you can know the details of any update from Google.

03- Work Continues

Look, I will say one more thing that Google has given a penalty to a website. This does not mean that the website will be useless for life.

Rather if you spend time and labor on that website. However, it will be possible to recover the site. That’s why you have to correct the mistakes you made earlier.

And along with that the way you worked before. That’s the way to go. For example, the website must always be up to date. New articles need to be published.

Previously published articles need to be published in a new format by adding more information. In addition to the search engine optimization that needs to be done. You have to continue those tasks.

Then your penalized website will be re-ranked.

Our last word

Finally, I will say something, you do not think about these penalties. Rather, how to rank a website in the right way. Study enough about that.

Remember, as long as you work in an honest way Until then you will not have any problem. Because no one has a personal enmity with Google. Due to which he will penalize your website at his own will.

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