What Is AMP? Complete Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages 2023

Amp‌ ‌: Have you ever heard of a Facebook instant article? Amp has a special resemblance to Facebook instant articles. The main purpose of which is one of the fastest means of browsing in the mobile browser, AMP.

If a website uses this feature called Amp Then the mobile users of that website will be able to enjoy the benefits in several ways.

And when visitors can benefit from your website. Just then you will get the desired active visitors for that website. Which is a very important issue for your website or blog.

But if you don’t know what Amp is. So today’s article is going to be very important for you. Because in today’s article I will discuss this amp topic in detail.

In addition, if you have a website. And if you add Amp to that website. Then what are the benefits you will get. And what are the difficulties to be faced. I will discuss all those issues step by step.

So read today’s article carefully without skipping anything. Then you will be able to know about many unknown things related to this.

What is Amp?

So let’s get back to the main discussion. First of all we will know, what is Amp? Then I will discuss the rest of the issues in detail.

Amp’s full form is Accelerated Mobile Pages. Which means, if your website is considered as a page Then accelerate the page for mobile devices.

This is basically an advanced technology created by Google. The main purpose of which is those who are browsing from mobile. Get their browsing done a few times faster.

Maybe the matter is still not clear, right?

Let’s discuss a little clearer. Then you will understand very easily. See when you search something on Google.

Then one thing you can aim for is that you can access the site as soon as you click on some website.

This means that you can access any website as soon as you click. This is basically what is called, Amp.

And the issue has been created just thinking about Mobile Users. However, this does not mean that desktop users will not be able to enjoy this benefit. Yes! They can too, but their case is a little different.

How does Amp work?

You may be surprised to know that Amp dramatically increases the performance of the mobile web. However, this is not my own opinion, it is admitted in a report by Google itself.

And there are several reasons to say this. Some of the notable reasons are that Amp is basically a combination of different parts. For example, html, js, web cache, AMP is made up of different parts.

So these things work together to convert a website to Amp Html version. Then it completely simplifies the most loaded parts of the website.

For example, we use JavaScript and other Third Party Scripts on our website for various purposes.

But many times these scripts take much longer to load our websites. And the main purpose of AMP is to simplify these loaded scripts.

When big websites are visited from mobile. Then it takes a long time to take the loading. But this amp technology is so advanced that big websites disable all loading scripts.

As a result, it increases the loading speed of your website several times. Websites that are usually without Amp. Compared to those websites, the speed of websites with AMP increases from 20% to 75%.

This will allow users to browse your website more quickly. And at the same time their MB cost will be reduced in many parts.

Because, when you use different types of scripts on your website. Then your scripts will be fully loaded. Then users have to spend a lot of megabytes.

But if you add Amp to the website. Then because these scripts are simplified, you don’t have to spend too many megabytes while visiting your website.

And for this, the users will get benefits mainly from two aspects. First they will be able to browse your site very quickly. And secondly, you don’t have to spend a lot of MB to visit your site.

Why use Amp?

If you have a website or blog. Then you should definitely use this feature. If you use this feature. Then you will get benefits in many ways.

Because, you already know that this feature called Amp is only for mobile users.
Now the question that may arise in your mind is, “Why would you use this feature only for mobile users”?

If you have such a question in your mind. Then you need to know a few more things.

So if you look at the analytics of your website. Then you can see that the number of visitors to your website About 70% -80% of them use mobile devices.

However, there are several reasons for being so many mobile users. Let us know a little about some of the significant reasons.

The first reason is that computers or laptops have not yet reached every household in the world. Due to which most people still browse online through mobile.

The second reason is that Google itself has revealed in a report. They said in the report that only in the field of browsing, people give priority to mobile.

There are also many people who prefer to browse with mobile despite having a computer or laptop.

So now if you add this feature called Amp to your website targeting these mobile users. But then you will be able to bring a lot more visitors for your website.

If you want to use Amp on your favorite website. Then you can not only enjoy the benefits of Loading Speed.

In addition to these, you will get a lot more benefits in many other ways.

So this time I will discuss those issues in detail. And you must know these things before using Amp on your site.

The benefits that are available on websites with amps. Some of the notable advantages are,

So let’s take a clear idea about the above issues.

Increase Loading Speed

The most convenient way to use Amp on a website is to increase the loading speed of your site much more than before.

If you currently check the speed of your site with Loading Speed ​​Checker. Then the speed of your site can be at least 5 seconds, 6 seconds or 10 seconds.

But if you add Amp to that site. But then you can see a lot of improvements.

Every now and then we design our hobby website in different ways to make it attractive. And for this attractive design you have to use different types of scripts.

Now you will be surprised to know, because these scripts on your site increase the loading speed many times. As a result, when visitors come to your site, they have to spend a lot of time.

And for this reason, many visitors leave as soon as they come to your site. Which will have a very negative effect on your SEO.

But if you add Amp to the site like others. But then you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Because there are scripts added to your site using Amp.

Simplify those scripts perfectly.

And due to simplifying the scripts to take the loading time on your site is disabled. As a result, the loading speed of your site increases several times more than before.

Mobile Friendly

It is very important to make a website mobile friendly. See, since you are involved in this sector, you also have a lot of ideas about SEO.

And if you want to bring your website to the top position by doing SEO. So, you must make your website a Mobile Friendly.

Also the websites are mobile friendly. Google gives a little more priority to those sites in the Search Ranking.

The main reason for this is that the number of mobile users is still relatively high. At present, computers have not yet reached everyone’s hands. Moreover, mobile is a small device.

As a result, people always keep this device with them.

That’s why whenever he tries to know something Then people spend most of their time browsing from their mobiles. And this is why Google gives this Mobile User the most importance.

Since Google values ​​them, why not? And you can solve this problem relatively easily if you use the feature called Amp on your site.

Decrease Bounce Rate

When your website will have a high bounce rate. But then your site will have that ranking. It will continue to decline. Which will have a very negative effect on your SEO.

Now the question that may arise in your mind is, “What is this bounce rate?”

So listen, when a visitor comes to your website. And just a few seconds after it arrives, it will leave your site again.

Bounce rate is basically the matter of coming for a short period of time and leaving for a short period of time.

Now think of a simple matter. You entered a website to find out any information. But after entering, he noticed that it was taking a long time to load the site.

On the other hand you need to know about that information very quickly.

Now you have to wait until the loading of that website. Or move from that website to another site?

You must go to another site, right? So this is also a kind of bounce rate.

And when the amount of this bounce rate of your website will be much higher. Then Google will think, there is nothing important about your website. Due to which the visitors are leaving easily.

And when such a signal goes to Google. But then Google will leave your website ranking behind. Which will never bring you benefits.

But the most suitable way to reduce this bounce rate is to add amp to the site.

What are the disadvantages of using Amp?

You have already learned about all the benefits related to AMP. Now you can know about some of these related difficulties.

First of all, Amp will disable all types of JavaScript on your website. So you will have the previously designed 6 Those designs will no longer be displayed.

  • Again if you work with Google AdSense on the site.
  • If the website loads quickly because a lot of the time AdSense Ad does not show. And if you can’t show ads to visitors.
  • Then your income will be comparatively less.
  • Amp but duplicates the content or pages of your website
  • If you do not pay attention to those things Then you may have various problems.
  • For now, you can see these two types of difficulties. But it seems to me that these are never a problem.

How to install Amp?

We know that WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. And that’s why most of the blogs or websites today are being created with WordPress.

So this time we will know how to install Amp on your favorite website. So if you follow the steps below correctly. Then you can easily install Amp on your website.

Step- 1: First of all you need to download Amp Plugin. Then you need to install that plugin.
Step- 2: Then you can see some settings. So first of all you can see an option called General Setting. Here you can upload your website logo.
Step- 3: You want to adjust the user experience of the website. You have to arrange it that way For example, you can select different colors for mobile pages. Alternatively you can set Footer Credit.
Step- 4: You can see the option called Notification menu What kind of notifications do you want to get there. You have to select it
Step- 5: Finally you can arrange as per your need. And you can put Google AdSense Ad Tax as required.

Our last word

Hopefully, Amp has understood the details about all the related issues. If you still have a problem. Then let me know by commenting.

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