What are Backlinks? The Ultimate Backlink Strategy SEO Guide

Backlinks: The most important part of off-page SEO is backlinks. In a word, the most powerful technique in the SEO sector is backlink. There are many people I know.

Those who are making a huge amount of income just by providing backlink service. The main reason for backlinking is to give a rank to a website.

What are backlinks

That means if you have a website. Then you can easily bring your website or content to the top position by backlinking properly.

But also know that backlink is such a sector. If you do not follow the backlink guidelines properly. Then your website may go down in an instant.

Not just the website down, but also the Google search engine can be lost forever. In a word, Google Penalty.

How to rank a website through backlinks. And how to get a website down with backlinks.

You can learn about all this from this article. But for that you must read the whole article carefully.

What are backlinks?

Simply put, the work that is done for link building. Its called backlink. That is, when a website is linking to other websites. That method of linking is called backlink.

From my point of view, a link is divided into two parts. E.g.

  • Internal links and
  • External links

When you link to any content on your website from your own array of content. Then that link is called, internal link.

For example, a few days ago I was publishing an article on “What is SEO“. Now I would like to inform you about what SEO is in a new article.

Then you can go to another content of mine just by clicking on SEO. This method of linking is basically called internal link.

However, the opposite of the internal link, the external link. Internal Link As you are linking to any of your own content.

This is exactly what happens when you link to a different website or to someone else’s content. Then that link is called, external link.

Usually when you provide any information, you will provide the source to prove the veracity of that information Then External Link is needed.

For example, suppose you write an article about the history of Bangladesh. And you cite Wikipedia as a source to prove that the information you provide is accurate.

Now if your visitors do not get much confidence after reading your article Then they can gain their trust after visiting Wikipedia.

Why are backlinks important ?

As I said at the beginning of this article, the main purpose of backlinking is to rank a website.

This means that if you want to bring your website or any content to a specific position in the top position of the search engine. Basically backlinks play a very important role for this work.

But why should you have backlinks for your website. I have divided those reasons into several parts.

Positive signal: In the general sense when your website will provide links from different websites. Will then provide a positive signal to search engines about your website. This is a common thing.

Suppose you go to a new market to buy a laptop. Now you don’t know which store in that market has good laptops. That’s why you asked a store, which store has a good laptop.

The same is true of backlinks. When linking to your website from different websites. Then the search engines will assume that there is something good on your website.

Due to which everyone is providing links to your website. And this is a positive signal to search engines.

Fast indexing: Another special reason for doing backlinks is that it allows you to index any of your content very quickly. The matter should be clarified a little more.

Suppose you published a content on your website. Now if that content is not indexed in search engines. Then your content will not be found in any search engine.

On the other hand, most of the time even after publishing your content, it takes a long time to get indexed. If you want to index the content of your website very quickly.

Then backlinks play a special role for this work.

Increase Domain Authority

Domain authority plays a very important role in ranking your content in search engines.

Even after the content is published with the same keyword, but due to the Domain Authority, the ranking varies.

For example, you published a 5K Word article on your new website with the keyword “Ways to Make Money Online”.

In the same way, your old website has more domain authority. Publish an article in 5K Word with the keyword “How to make money online”.

But then your second website will be much more likely to rank. But why?

The main reason for this is that your old website has already gained the trust of Google. And Google always wants visitors to get legal information.

That’s why Google will give more priority to that website. That website has more domain authority. So don’t think that if you have more domain authority, you will rank only if you give the same content.

In addition to having more domain authority, you must publish quality content. However, the websites that have more domain authority, the search engines give a little more priority to those websites.

To get visitors

If you have backlinks for your website. Then you will get one more benefit along with other benefits. And the benefit is that you can bring some visitors to your website in a different way.

For example, if I have 100 visitors to this article In this case, the external links in this article. At least 10 people will click on those links. This is normal.

Similarly, when another website provides an external link to your website Then there are the visitors of that website

Some of those visitors can be brought to your website through external links.

How many types of banklinks?

Before writing this article, I have read several english blogs related to backlinks. Where they have divided the backlinks into 4-5 parts. Which left me a little disappointed.

Because, if such information is given in the website which is in the top position in this keyword. Then the newcomers will learn wrong from the beginning.

However, no matter how much they divide the backlinks, I don’t care But from my point of view backlinks can be divided into 2 (two) parts. E.g.

  • Do follow and
  • No-follow

Since the beginning of this heading I mentioned other bloggers. So that issue should be clarified a little.

For example, “backlinks” – keyword websites that are in the top position 6 They are dividing the backlink into Link Juice / High Quality / Low Quality. But to call them Kind of Backlink is nothing but nonsense.

Think about it, the word link juice means when you take backlinks from a high authority website. Then if some moderate level visitors come from that link and if that link is Do follow.

Then that link can be called juice link Link juice is the most powerful of the backlinks. And search engines prefer this link a little more.

This does not mean that we will add this Juice link to the type of backlink. Because these are part of the do follow backlink.

15 types of backlink sites list

  1. Profile backlink
  2. Forum Profile Backlink
  3. Blog Commenting
  4. Web2.0
  5. Article Submission
  6. Social Bookmarking
  7. Directory Submission
  8. Business Listing / Local Citation
  9. PDF/PPT/Docs
  10. Social Media Backlink
  11. Guest Posting
  12. Q&A Backlink
  13. Edu & Gov Backlink
  14. Contextual Backlink
  15. Haro Link

However, this time we will know what is Do-Follow backlink and No-Follow backlink.

What are do follow backlinks?

Of all the types of backlinks in the world, do follow backlinks is the most dominant. And if you backlink by targeting a search engine

Then you must try to get Do Follow Backlink. Because search engines always give more priority to this link.

Do follow backlinks are usually like this,


This means that the website is providing a link to your website. They have their full consent and fully support your website.

Not just Google but as many search engines as there are. They only index this do-follow backlink.

What is a no follow backlink?

Links with No follow attribution. All those links are called, no follow backlinks. In general, when a website provides a link to your website.

But they did not give full consent to that link. Then no follow attribution is added to that link.

No follow backlinks are usually like this.



There was a time when search engines indexed any type of link. Whether it is do follow or no follow.

But recently they have updated their algorithm to indicate that they will only index do-follow backlinks and refrain from indexing no-follow backlinks.

However, you should know that no follow backlinks. It is possible to increase the DA of any website.

This means you can do any follow backlinks as per your wish. But you will not get any benefit from these links.

[NOTE: No follow backlinks can bring visitors. For example, if you take backlinks from Quora. Then you will not get any type of Link Juice.

But you can gain a lot of visitors for your website]

No follow VS do follow backlinks

When you learn about No Follow Backlinks and Do Follow Backlinks. Then you will think that, if the benefit is available from the do follow link. So why should I do No follow link?

Wait! These thoughts are not just yours. On the contrary, this question is on the minds of all those who are new to this sector.

Again, there are many who, after doing a little study about backlinks, just follow the link.

This does not mean that his website will rank faster just because he has a Do follow backlink. No, this is a completely wrong idea. Let’s clarify the matter a little.

Remember do follow means to praise and no follow means hate. Now think about it, will everyone appreciate a man? Is it possible?

No, it is never possible. Because praise and hate are considered to be a combination of these two. Similarly if you just do follow backlinks to your website.

This is not to say that search engines will think your website is a smoky basil leaf at once.

When you work in the SEO sector. Even if you forget everything then one thing must be kept in mind. “Never think of search engines as stupid.”

Because if you have a hair’s breadth of knowledge about search engine algorithms. Then this misconception of yours will change in an instant.

So the question is, what do you do now?

Yes! You must do follow backlink for your website. However, a certain ratio must be maintained.

For example, after you do 20 do follow backlinks, you will do 1 no follow backlink. In general, you must maintain a balance when backlinking.

In other words, in addition to following, you have to follow no. And you can balance the two.

From whom do you get backlinks?

One thing I mentioned at the beginning of this article is that backlinks are an SEO technique. Through which a website can be easily ranked in search engines.

And one more thing, if you don’t follow the backlinking guidelines properly. Then your website will be Rank Down instead of Rank.

Again, the chances of getting a Google penalty will be much higher.

But the question is, “Why did I say these things” and “What is the VO of these words?”

I will answer these two questions in phases. But you have to read these words carefully. If you skip, it will go away with the wrong idea in your mind. It will not be my fault.

See, if we look at Google as an example Then notice one thing.

When we search for a topic on Google ৷ Then we get the right information, that’s what I hope, isn’t it? In the same way, Google wants that person after searching any information on Google, that person gets the legal information at once.

But on the other hand backlinks are a technique. Through which a website is artificially ranked in search engines. Google, which is more linked, never looks good. Remember it is a negative signal.

Now you have come to the TOP Position of search engines with a lot of backlinks for your website. This does not mean that Google will look good on you.

Rather, when Google realizes that you have done this akam-kukam Google search algorithm to rank your site. But then Google can catch the hurricane in your hands.

So remember, whatever you do when doing SEO. Those works should be absolutely natural. Otherwise nothing will stick to your forehead except bamboo.

However, in this context, we do not talk much. Now we will know from whom you will get backlinks. There must be some quality in it.

Which should be considered before taking backlinks

As I said a while ago, why don’t you do anything in the SEO sector. Let your work be natural. So in this natural way when you take backlinks from a website.

Then you have to take care of several things on that website. E.g.,

Domain Authority

You will get backlinks from other websites for your website. Then you must remember, that the domain authority of the website is very high.

The main reason for this is when the High Authority will recommend your site from a site. Then you will get different benefits. Which will have a huge impact on your SEO.

So when you get backlinks, you must focus on the domain authority of that website.

Spam score

The website’s Spam Score is a very sensitive issue. You should know which websites have higher spam scores. Those websites can’t rank well in search engines.

Now you get backlinks from such a website. The amount of spam score is much higher. But then the number of spam scores on your website will increase many times.

However, in a normal way, it is better for a website to have a spam score of 1-5. Again, according to many SEO experts, even if the maximum spam score of a website is 10-12, backlinks can be taken from that website.

There is no problem.

There are many tools available online to check the spam score of a website. But in my opinion the name of the most advanced tools is,

Adequate visitors

There is another thing to keep in mind while taking backlinks. That is, whether there are enough visitors to the website from which you will get the link.

See, websites in the general sense have enough visitors. Linking to those websites is much more likely to get link juice.

This means that the more visitors to that website, the more the site has already gained the trust of some audiences.

This is when they will link to your site in any content. Then visitors will not hesitate to click on that link. As a result, the link provided to you will act as a juice link.

Niche relation

Niche relationship is a very important issue. If you want to backlink. Then of course this issue must be taken seriously.

Suppose you have a website whose niche is technology. Now you get backlinks from such a website.

The niche of that website is education. Now if you link to this website you will not get as much benefit. You will get more benefits if you take backlinks from any website of Sem Nish.

That is, if your niche is technology. Then you need to get backlinks from any technology niche website.

Again if your niche is education. Then you need to get backlinks from any website of Education Nish. But I will not say that it is absolutely mandatory.

However, it is very important to take backlinks in the same way. You must know this.

Who do the backlinks for?

This time I will discuss an important topic. In fact, the backlinks that you take for whom. First of all you have to understand this.

Backlinks are usually done for two reasons. E.g.

  • For domains and
  • For content

Maybe after hearing this word, you feel sad, don’t you? So listen, you need to know about DA and PA before you can understand this.

The full form of DA is Domain Authority. This means how much authority your domain has gained in a search engine. That amount is abbreviated as, DA.

On the other hand, the full form of PA is Page Authority. That means how much authority your individual pages have been able to gain That amount is abbreviated as, PA.

I hope you have got some idea about DA and PA So now you need to know why you will backlink for the domain. And why would you backlink for content separately.

Backlinks for domains

When you do SEO on a new website. Then you need to get backlinks for the domain first. Because Domain is the root of your website.

And you can make this root as strong as you can Your website will be able to rank just as much.

I discussed a bit about DA above. If you can understand that. Then I will say the words now You can easily understand them.

See Adding a Domain to Your Website. Then you will have the homepage of your website. Basically that will be the main identity of your domain.

So in the new situation you have to backlink for that homepage. Because, you already know that there is no other option to increase the Domain Authority to get in the TOP Position of any search engine.

That’s why to give a rank to a website. First of all you have to backlink for the home page of that website. That is, DA needs to be increased.

Backlinks for content

Why you need to take backlinks for content. To understand that, first of all you need to know about PA. I discussed PA above.

If you have skipped it. Then read it again.

Suppose you publish a new content, with the keyword “Best Mobile Display”. Now if you go to Google and search.

Then you can see that many more articles in this sem keyword have already been published on other websites.

So what do you do now? Of course you have to compete with them to get to the TOP position, right?

At this point you need to get backlinks for that content. That is, the content of the page. You need to increase the authority of that page Which SEO experts call PA for short.

How to get backlinks?

There are usually many tips & tricks to get backlinks. However, I have divided them into 2 (two) parts. E.g.

  • Paid backlinks and
  • Free backlinks

Yes, there are only two ways to get backlinks. Let’s discuss the methods in a little detail.

There are many websites that are always ready to give you backlinks However, if you want to get backlinks from their website

Then you have to count the big amount of money. And this method of taking backlinks is called, Paid Backlink Service.

On the other hand, there are many such websites. From whom you can take backlinks as you wish. But you do not have to spend any money for it.

Maybe take a backlink by posting a guest or commenting. This method of getting backlinks is called Free Backlink Service.

What is Link Building Strategy?

If you think, “What the heck is this?” Then listen carefully, whatever you have known for so long. They just got the basic idea about backlinks.

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