What is Search engine optimization (SEO) ?

Are you looking for SEO Expert in Bangladesh you are clicking in right place. Today I’ will share with you what is seo? definition and classification of seo. Search engine optimization(SEO) is a method by which you can use search engine to make your site available to everyone for free.

In general, the process by which a website has to be made search engine friendly or brought to the forefront of search engines is called search engine optimization. Let’s make the matter clearer with examples.

Almost all of us who use the internet are familiar with search engines. google, yahoo, ask etc. Google is a very popular search engine. When we want to know about something, we search it in the search engine. like Bangladesh Newspaper ”. After searching, you will see that after a while, many web site links appear in front of you.

Now I can think in my mind how the links of the sites came here. Did Google choose the sites or did someone apply to submit the sites to Google. The above two thoughts are correct. This is a combination of search engine optimization, from submitting the site to the search engine in the right way

What is Keyword?

Keywords are when we search for different words or lines in Google or Yahoo or other search engines such as: Free Movies, Hollywood Movies etc. Each of these lines or words is a keyword.

How many types of SEO and what are they?

SEO is basically of two types. Namely: 01. Organic SEO 02. Paid SEO. Organic SEO is again of two types. One is On Page SEO and the other is Off Page SEO.

What are organic SEO and paid SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically done to get a blog / website in a good position or on the first page of search results and to get good ranking from search engine or to get a lot of visitors to the blog from search engine.

Organic SEO means following all the rules of search engine optimization and the process of getting position on the search results page. On the other hand, paid SEO is to get on the first page of the search engine in exchange for money from Google company.

If you take a good look, you will see that after searching for a topic, there are some websites at the top of the search results in which Ad is written in short. They are above all through Paid SEO.

Organic SEO is again of two types. One is On Page SEO and the other is Off Page

What is on-page SEO

On Page SEO is the process of arranging a website / blog perfectly, that is, everything that is needed to create a website well is On Page SEO.

Here are the things to do to make a website (ONPAGE SEO) on-page SEO:


(OFFPAGE SEO) Off-page SEO, many who can’t get their websites ranked by Google, Again many people copy the link of the article from their own website and submit the URL to different social media or different websites or link building, this is off page SEO.

(OFFPAGE SEO) Here are the things that need to be done for off page SEO:

Content of off page optimization:

What are White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is the use of various technical web techniques to increase the rank of your blog and bring it to the top of the search results. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO is to increase the rank of the blog by using some illegal methods to break the rules of search engines.

Google is currently using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to determine Google’s search rankings, making it almost impossible to rank blogs with Black Hat SEO techniques. That’s why all the big SEO experts are paying attention to White Hat SEO.

What causes search engine optimization?

Many of you may be wondering why we will do SEO. The simple answer is to increase the visitors or traffic of the website. There is no value of a website without a visitor. And the value of increasing the visitors is the importance of search engine optimization. Contains

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Why You Need SEO Services in Bangladesh?

A bigger part of the internet users search on Google and others search engines about different idea, product, serves and many more other information, the search engines process visitor search request and show them some result from their database.

There are many pages of results. But visitors only click or get idea from 1st pages of results. So now, a day’s search Engine shows the best and relevant result on the top pages.

If yours content are most search relevant and best for your visitors, the search engine will index your page content to their database and show on top of the pages. You will get most targeted visitor for your product or services and boost your business.

SEO Audit

How a good SEO audit helps you do you realize. If already you have a website and you spend a lot of amounts of time in this field. but you never reached the success, an SEO audit can help to improve your site. A technical SEO audit finds your problem. And you properly flow this instruction you can improve your website.

Proper optimization can refresh your site and it helps to rank on Google. Most of the people refused that but they don’t know how it’s important. I am also working on some new site and now they are looking good. These all are ranking on SERP(Search Engine Results Pages). it’s not magic it’s an optimization process. It’s one of my challenges on how to improve a website properly.

What is White Hat SEO?

Do you have any idea with white hat SEO techniques? It’s a totally Google friendly and grow your site. If you have a website and you have no knowledge about white hat SEO, It’s difficult to grow your business. I am also specialized in white hat SEO techniques.

Why is search engine marketing so important?

The website is created to promote the company’s products. The more people who visit your website, the more people will get an idea about your product or service. Search engines are the main source of visitors to a web site. 80% of visitors come to any web site through search engine. It will increase in the future. Search engines are very important for various reasons.

Any information can be found for free, so everyone uses it.
Search engines are a huge source of all information. That is why everyone’s dependence on it is increasing day by day.

Since everyone relies on search engines to find information, all companies want to put their company’s website at the top of the search engine rankings to promote their products.
All other methods of marketing are expensive and less effective in the current era. SEO, on the other hand, costs less but is at least 60 percent more effective than the previous method.

What You Will Do If You Need SEO Service

Don’t worry! Just contact with me through the contact page or call me, email me or ping me on my social media Facebook page, Messenger, LinkedIn, WhatsApp. I am available all time and still providing consultancy and sometimes full SEO service with the good stuff. If all the things go well with you so we can work together to each your goal.

Find The Best SEO Professional in Bangladesh

It’s not difficult to finding out the best SEO guy for your online business. By following some key elements you can get your business professional. The first thing is you need to forget that some years working experienced person is the best. Because this in not important, The important think is who is the updated with the current trends also who didn’t get penalized in previous.

Second thing is ask to show you the recent working activity, keyword ranking positions, reporting system like keyword research, technical SEO audit, on site audit, off site audit & more. Actually best SEO experts are not hide anything from you.

Also they don’t focus money always, sometimes work to buildup portfolio. In final word you can ask them to show you the types of SEO works reporting files screen shot. Also you can ask me to show anything to prove my expertise in digital marketing arena.

The SEO Service Promise


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Do you only work with local businesses?

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How do you know?

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How do I get started?

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What do your services cost?

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