How to Choose the Best Domain Names The Complete Guide 2023

How to choose the appropriate domain name for the blog? Whenever you want to create a blog site, you have to think about whether you will register a domain name. Depending on your topic and keyword, registering a domain is the first key to success.

When you first register or select a domain for a blog site, you can see that someone has already registered the domain of your choice long ago.

Domain selection is a big challenge for those who are new bloggers because a good domain carries the beauty of a website.

How to choose the appropriate domain name for the blog?

You must keep in mind that whenever you choose a domain name for a blog, it should be a simple, beautiful and small domain name. A nice and attractive domain name can greatly increase your website visitors.

For those who want to register a domain name for a new blog, I will share some ideas.

According to that idea, if you register a domain, it will definitely be good for your SEO and website.

Also all the guidelines about domain are discussed through this post.

What is meant by domain?

What is domain? How to choose a best Domain for your blog? Many who are new to the blogging life or those who are new to the Internet have a question about what it really means to have a domain. In this digital age, the Internet has become a daily necessity.

Day by day people are giving more importance to each of their businesses online neighbors. If you want to run your business online, you must have a website and a good quality domain.

Simply put, domain is like a human name. Domain name is the specific address of a website and you can go to the specific website through that website or domain from any browser.

Without a domain you can’t publish your business or anything else online.

For example, you can say:

Suppose you go to Dhaka but you do not know the exact address of where to go. Then you can’t go to that particular place unless you know the name of that address.

Similarly, if you want to go to a website, if you do not know the name of the website, you can never go to that particular website.

Domain names are a lot like human names, but the difference is that the same person’s name can be used by different people, but a domain name can not be used by different people.

Only one person can use a domain name and it is the only unique name in the world. You can see if you notice. That your mobile phone number is the same as the same.

Just like the domain. No one else will be able to register any type of domain matching your domain name.

We all know more or less, and and some of them are called websites. However, these websites deal with different issues.

And if you want to go to Facebook, you have to write Similarly, if you want to go to Youtube and, you have to type and And all these names are called domains.

Domain Name is spelled correctly

One thing to keep in mind is never to register a domain with the wrong name. You may not realize the consequences of domain registration in the wrong name at first.

But at some point you will gradually realize how badly the results of domain registration in the wrong name can affect your blog site. Suppose your website is about publishing news and you have chosen or for your website or blog.

Now if the name of such a website or blog is too big it will have a bad effect on you and users will not be able to remember these names very easily due to which they will never find all those visitors on your website again.

Short and interesting domain names

You must choose a short and memorable domain name for your blog or website. This way, when your visitors want to visit your blog at any time, you can easily type the name of your website in the browser.

And if you choose a domain whose name has no meaning and the domain name is too big which is very difficult to remember or type.

By doing this, the next visitor will never be able to visit your website or blog. And thus you will lose visitors for your blog and website.

Refrain from free extension domains

One thing you must know is that the quality of free things is very good and it is not possible to get a price for free things in the future. In the same way, you can never make a website popular with a free extension domain name for your blog or website.

And if you create your website or blog with a free domain name extension, you will not be able to create a very quality or professional website or blog. For this you need to select a domain name that is qualitative and can easily catch people’s eye.

Domain matching the keyword

And of course you have to register the domain for your blog or website in line with your keyword. This will be very useful for your visitors to know what your website is about.

And if anyone visits our website, they will understand that our website is about writing about technology and how to make money online. Visitors will easily bookmark your website in their browser and visit regularly.

And one of the benefits of registering a domain with a keyword is that whenever someone searches by typing a keyword in Google-search and if the name of your website or blog matches with that keyword, then Google will show the result of your website.

And this issue plays an important role for your website or blog to attract visitors.

Refrain from Expired Domain Registration

Many of us know what an expired domain is. So let’s show you today what an expired domain is.

Simply put, after registering any domain, a certain period is fixed. And if the domain does not re-register before the expiration of the registration period, then that domain is Expired.

And after a certain period of time, anyone can re-register that domain. However, before registering an expired domain, you must check the old history of that domain. Because many times the domain is banned from Google and social media and other services.

That is why the real owner of the domain does not re-register that domain. One thing to keep in mind is that no one will ever leave a good domain without a reason.

Of course, before buying an expired domain, you should check the old activities of the domain. You can easily check the domains from this website to see if there was previous registration on this website.

And if you have a previous registration, you can easily see the previous record of the domain of your choice through the above website.

Do not use hyphens in the domain

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you register your domain, do not use any hyphen (-) inside your domain, it will have a bad effect on your website and SEO.

Because no visitor would want to use a hyphen inside a domain to visit your website. This can be annoying for some people.

Suppose you have a website or blog site and the name of that website or blog is or

And no visitor will be able to remember such a domain name because using a hyphen with a domain to make a blog site is like going through a very difficult path because it will take a long time to make a blog site or website popular with such a domain name.

That’s why you must try not to use any hyphens inside your domain.

Domains with numbered domains not registered

Domain registration by adding numbers to the domain is a fool’s errand because many people would not want to add numbers to the domain again to visit your website.

Visitors will want to know how to easily access a website or blog without using any hyphens or numbers. Because many visitors are not able to remember the hyphen or number of your domain, you have to choose a unique or a short name.

For example, suppose your domain name is Bangla or Would anyone want a visitor to remember these domain names and visit again later?

Now look no visitor will be able to remember such a domain name or will not want to retype for the next visit because it is not possible to add a number to such a big name.

That’s why you must refrain from using numbers and hyphens with your domain.

How do I select a domain name?

Suppose your website is education related where you will fill up various exam result forms and share information of different jobs. Then according to him, this may be the reward of your website.


Similarly, if you write about technology or various topics, your website will register the domain accordingly.

Last words:

Domain names are an important factor in making your blog or website popular among visitors and Google. For this you must try to register a good unique domain name and small attractive domain name. It can be easily published in the form of points on your website.

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