Google Analytics | The Complete Beginners to Advanced Guide

If you have a website. Then you must have an idea about Google Analytics. And if you still don’t know about Google Analytics.

Then you will understand that you still have a lot of unknown things.

What is Google Analytics? Rules for setting up Google Analytics

Rules for setting up Google Analytics.

And our main purpose is to let you know the unknown. In that series today we will learn about Google Analytics.

If you want to know what “Google Analytics” is and how to set it up on your website. Then read the whole article carefully today.

Then from today onwards you will not have any doubts about this issue.

NOTE: Those who created blogs with Google Blogger. How do they set up Google Analytics on their Blogger blog. He will also be discussed in detail today.

What is Google Analytics?

This is Google’s own online tools. Which Google itself manages these tools. Tools that allow you to monitor your website’s visitors.

Now the question that may arise in your mind is, how can a website visitor be monitored through these tools? Then listen 6.

When you set up those tools on your website. Then your visitors will come. You can get all their data through these tools.

Which will help a lot to increase the Growing Level of your website.

For example, you can easily find out how many visitors are coming to your website, from which source they are coming to your site, how old they are, etc. from these online tools called Google Analytics.

Why use Google Analytics?

Now the question may arise in your mind that there are many types of online tools at present. So why would you use this Google Analytics?

And what are the benefits of using these tools? So let’s find out now.

So there are several reasons. For these reasons you must use Google Analytics. However, some of the significant reasons are,

Reason-1: This is Free Tools

The first reason is that you do not have to spend any money to use it. This means that you can use these popular tools for free.

Honestly, you can see the amount of features in these tools. If those features were provided by any company other than Google. Then they would have to spend a lot of money in exchange for using these tools.

But Google has not put any Paid option in these tools. Due to which you can enjoy a lot of benefits in these tools for free.

NOTE: You can see many such tools online. Those who say at the beginning that you can use those tools for free.

But after a few months of use, they no longer allow those tools to be used for free. Then they put pressure to use it with money.

Reason-2: Google Product

Another important reason is that the tools are a product of Google’s own. Where you can use these tools safely and without any loss.

We all know that Google now occupies a large part of the online world. The main reason for this is that they have been able to gain loyalty to their users.

And someone working with Google has been deceived someday. It is difficult to find such people. So you can use this product of Google without any hesitation.

This will not cause any damage to your website or blog.

Reason-3: Perfect Tools For Visitor Monitoring

Those who are mainly involved in the blogging sector. Only they will know how important a visitor is for a website.

Because, you can’t make any kind of income from the website which has no visitors.

And the most suitable tool to monitor these visitors is Google Analytics. Where you can easily find out all the information about the visitors to your blog or website.

Now you may think, brother, what is the benefit of knowing the information of the visitor who came to my website, right? Then listen,

When you can find out all the information about the visitors to your website. Then you will understand that there is a reason for your website.

Due to which a lot of visitors are coming to your site.

On the other hand, if the visitors do not come to your site as expected. Even then, you can find out the reason why visitors do not come.

In short, if you use Google Analytics on your site. Then it will increase the Growing Level of your website many times.

Reason-4: Collect Data Automatically

The most interesting thing is that once you set up these tools you don’t have to do anything else. That means, from now on you will be able to see all the data automatically.

Hmmm, that’s the most important thing. If you have a website or blog. Then first of all you will add Google Analytics to that website.

From then on, Analytics will collect all the visitor data of your site automatically. And you can see all the data later just by logging in.

Reason-5: Integrate With Other Tools

Another important thing is that you can easily combine other tools with these tools. This will greatly reduce your time and effort.

If you work with a website or blog. You must be using Google Adsense and Google Search Console.

And you can take the help of Google Analytics to know the details of all these.

For example, you can combine Analytics with other tools. As a result, you can see the information of Adsense and Search Console from these tools. This will save you both time and effort.

What are the benefits of Google Analytics?

You’ve learned a lot about Google Analytics over the years. So after knowing so much, the question may arise in your mind, if you use these tools.

Then you can enjoy the benefits. So let’s discuss that.

As I said above, if you have a website or blog. Then you must use Google Analytics.

Because if you use these tools. Then you can enjoy many kinds of benefits. E.g.,

SEO Optimization

There is no substitute for SEO to bring a website to the top position of search engines. And you can’t disagree with this.

Because unless you optimize your website properly. Until then, your website will never rank in search engines.

And Google Analytics will play the most important role in your SEO. Because here you can see all the data of your website.

In addition, you can add the Search Console to monitor everything from these tools.

For example, when you create a website. Then you must create that website by targeting one or another visitor, right?

And whether you are getting the desired visitors to that website. You can easily see it through the tools. Which will be very helpful in your ON Page SEO.

Chacking Bounch Rate

The most important part of a website is the bounce rate. Through which Google estimates the quality of your article.

So you need to focus enough on the bounce rate to maintain the ranking of your website.

Now the question that may arise in your mind is, what is the Bounch Rate thing? Will there be any damage to your website due to the effect of bounce rate?

So before you know what the bounce rate is, you need to know about the season. Then the following discussions will help you to understand.

Remember, I visited your website. Then after clicking on one of your articles, I read that article for 30 minutes straight.

Then I came out of your site. Now when I enter your website. But since then my session has started.

And this season was running for 30 minutes straight. But as soon as I read an article of yours, your bounce rate will increase.

Because I just didn’t click on any other article after reading one. And this way the bounce rate of your site will increase many times due to coming out directly.

And the higher the bounce rate. It will also have a negative effect on Google about your site.

Now you need to find out if there is any such article on your website. Where Bounch Rate is higher. And the next article will have to be updated again.

And you can easily see this work from the tools called Google Analytics.

Counting Minimum Visitors

Google Analytics has one more special quality. That is the total number of visitors to your website. You can easily find out about him.

That is, if you want to know the total number of visitors since your website was created. You can also get an account of it from Google Analytics.

Now the question may arise in your mind, what is the total number of visitors coming. What will be the benefit of knowing that? Then listen,

Remember, the number of visitors to your site in the last few months was 30k. And the next month you noticed that the amount of your visitors stood at 10k.

Now by looking at this amount you can understand that there are some shortcomings in your website. Due to which your site’s Visitor is starting to drop.

Now you can find out the reasons for dropping Visitor. And you can solve the problems that exist.

And as a result of solving the problems, more visitors will start coming to your website again.

NOTE: How to increase your website’s visitors. I have published an article about him on my website. You can learn the tips to increase visitors from that article.

Perfect Social Media Target

Google Analytics has another special feature. That is, the visitors that will come to your website. You can easily find out from which source they are coming.

Now remember, you shared an article of your website on several social media.

Now you can see through Google Analytics, which social media is actually getting more visitors to your site.

Now if you see that after sharing the article on Facebook, more visitors are coming to your site. If you share your site articles on Facebook, you can gain more visitors.

Try to create an account in the name of your website on all social media. This will help to increase the authority of your site as well as backlinking.

How to set up Google Analytics?

Let’s find out now from Google Analytics. So now you need to know that if you want to enjoy the benefits of analytics. +

Then what do you have to do.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Google Analytics. Then first of all you have to have a website or blog. Then you have to submit that site to one or another search engine.

Then you can easily see the data of the visitor.

So how do you setup Google Analytics on your website. We will discuss about it step by step.

Also if you have a blog in Google Blogger. So how do you set up Analytics on that blog. I will also discuss about it in detail.

How to set up google analytics in your blogger blog

If your website was created with Google Blogger. Then you need to follow the steps below.

STEP-1: First of all you need to open a browser. You will then need to enter this link from Google Analytics. After logging in, you need to login with your Gmail Id and password.

STEP-2: Then you need to create a new Analytics Account with your Gmail account. After logging in, you will see the Admin text with the seating icon at the bottom, you have to click there.

Analytics Account setup

After that you can see the account setup option here you can fill in any name. After that you have to click on Next.

STEP-3: Then you will see an option called “Property Setup” – there you will fill in the previous name. After that you will see another option called “Reporting Time Zone”.

Here you have to set up the time zone of your country which means if you are Bangladeshi then Bangladesh and if you are Indian you will give India.

After that you have to click Show advanced options. After clicking on Create a Universal Analytics property, you have to turn on the button next to it.

After turning on the button, you will see an empty box giving your Website URL. Fill in the box and click Next.

STEP-4: Now you can see an option called “About Your Business”. Business information Here in Industry category you have to select any one option.

Then tick any box in Business size. After giving, you can see some more boxes below. Mark the gula you like there as well.

After marking everything, you have to click on the Create button.

STEP-5: After clicking, you will see a box to enter Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement. If you are Bangladeshi, you will give Bangladesh and if you are Indian, you will give India.

After that I also accept the Data Processing Terms as required by GDPR. Click on the text I Accept next to this text.

STEP-6: After doing the above, if all is well, Global site tag (gtag.js) you can see this type of option. Clicking there will get your Google Analytics code.

Analytical code needs to be copied

After that, copy the code in the box and save the paste under on your Blogger website

The end. After that you can see all the information of your blog in Google Analytics.

STEP-7: So if you can follow these steps correctly, you can easily set up an analytics account for your Blogger Blog.

How to set up google analytics in your WordPress Website

So if your website is created through WordPress. Then you have to follow the following steps correctly.

STEP-1: First of all you need to create a Google Analytics account. How do you create an analytics account? He has been discussed above.

You need to follow the steps above.

STEP-: When you properly create your Analytics Account. Then you need to re-enter your WordPress. And you need to install the plugin.

STEP-3: You need to search and download Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) this plugin from Google. Of course, you have to download and install the plugin of the old version.

The updated version of the plugin is paid, so you have to use the old one.

After installing the plugin, go to Plugin Setting. You will then see the Authoriz Plugin button where you need to click.

STEP-4: Then you can use this link to get your one-time-use access code: text. Get Access Code next to it. Click on the option called.

This will take you back to the Google Login page and you will need to login to the Gmail with which the analytics account has been opened.

After that you can login and see some tokens – you have to copy them and paste them in an empty box and save them. After that you have to save again.

NOTE: In some cases, after installing the plugin, Analytics will automatically start tracking your website.

You have some plugins that will need to copy and save the script.

STEP-5: Finally, you will see that you want to give permission to track the data of your website. Here you have to click on “All Website Data”.

Diameter! If you can do these things properly Then you can properly setup Google Analytics on your WordPress website.


If you read this article with full attention. Hopefully, you have a clear idea of ​​”what Google Analytics is” – and “why you should use Google Analytics”.

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