What is Google AdSense? Earn Money From Website Monetization

What is Google AdSense? How to make money from Google AdSense? How does Google AdSense work? How to get Google AdSense? Etc. If the questions revolve in your mind. Or you are looking for answers to these questions. Then you have come to the right place at once.

Google AdSense In this article I will discuss all the issues related to Google AdSense in detail. Simply put, Google AdSense is a way to build relationships between advertisers and publishers. Advertisers pay Google to promote their own products.

Google advertises that product through publishers, and shares some of the publisher’s revenue through Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

We all know Google is the largest company in the world. There are as many followers (users) of Google in the online world. There is no other online platform in the world with so many users.

So for the promotion of any company or product, everyone chooses Google. At present, Google is also in the top rated Ad Network, at the top of all.

Owners of companies or products in different countries of the world, pay Google. To advertise their company or product. Google then advertises those ads through various publishers.

But the question is, what is the role of Google AdSense here?

Well, when you work as a publisher under Google. Google will then provide you with a virtual account. How much revenue is Google sharing with a publisher on that account? You can see it. That means how much you are earning $ (dollars). You can see it from Google AdSense.

Why are AdSense ads different?

Currently there are many Ad Networks in the Online Sector. For example, Media.net, Proplarads and many more. But the question is, even after having so many ad networks. Why do people prefer AdSense?

The answer is that Google is a trusted company. If you follow Google’s guidelines. Then Google will be fully responsible for the money you earn. In addition to these, there are several other reasons for the popularity of AdSense, such as:

Optimized Ad: Add that is given from Google. They are already optimized. That means if you use AdSense Add in your Blog / Website. Then it will not have such an effect on your website.

Targeted Audience: The biggest thing is that Google can show the right Add to the right person. For example, if you are a technology lover. Then Tech National Add will show you. Because Google stores the information of each of their users.

Loyalty: When you work with any other Add Network. Then they can manipulate your payment. But Google is a company where you can earn income with confidence. And as much money as you will have income. It will give you just that much money.

Easy Payment Method: The best thing is to withdraw money from AdSense. You don’t have to burn that much wood. All you have to do is add a bank account. Then apply for the money you have earned. Google will automatically send money to your bank account.

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What is the function of Google AdSense?

Google establishes relationships between such advertisers and publishers. In the same way, google AdSense establishes Google’s relationship with publishers.

Since Google is the largest ad network in the world. Hence when an advertiser promotes a product through Google. Hughes then pays Google. The amount of money advertisers pay Google. From there, Google retains 32% of the money. And the remaining 6% of the revenue is shared with the publishers.

When you work as a Google Partner Program. Then you will be given a Virtual account authorized by Google.

Where a publisher can earn. Can see his full details. And that amount in AdSense account will be 8 (Dollar) income. You will be able to borrow those 6 through your bank account.

How does Google AdSense pay?

When you work as a publisher. Then you can basically earn income in 2 (two) ways.

  • CPC = Cost per click
  • RPM = Revenue per thousand impression

You can earn income from AdSense in these two ways. But what exactly is CPC or RPM? That’s what you need to know.

Q: What is CPC?

Answer: This is a very simple matter. Anyone can understand: Google’s Add (Ad) – will give you as much (money) per click. That is CPC.

Q: What is RPM?

A: As in CPC, Google will pay you per click. But RPM is a little different. Here in Google Ad for every 1000 views. Google will give you that amount. It is called RPM.

Now the question is, how will AdSense pay you. Is that so?

You will earn as much money by showing ads. They will first be submitted to Google AdSense. As a rule of thumb for AdSense, 100 100 will be credited to your AdSense account. Then you can withdraw that money through Bank Account.

How do I apply for AdSense?

Listen, how to apply Google AdSense Before you know it, think about why Google will give you AdSense. If you want to join the Google Partner Program, you need to have your own audience.

Where you can show those ads on Google. Maybe you have a YouTube Channel or a Blog Site. When you have your own audience. Then you can participate in Google’s partner program That’s why you have to sign up for Google AdSense from this link.

When you sign up, you need to provide a link to your blog site / YouTube channel. Then after manually checking Google. Will accept your request. After getting Approval from AdSense. You can earn income by showing Google ads.

How to use AdSense?

It doesn’t take much to use AdSense. Just having a Gmail account is enough. When you receive AdSense Approval. Then you can log in again with your Gmail account. When you log in, you will be able to see all the information of your income view. E.g.,

How many Page Views did you have that day? Number of page views in the last seven days.

  • The number of clicks on Google Ads.
  • What is RPM Rate?
  • CPC Rate per Add
  • What is the CTR as Page view?
  • Visitors Location

There are a few more issues including. Which you can see from your AdSense account.

AdSense account opening rules

Easily from the mobile or computer in your hand if you want. You can open a Google AdSense account For that, just having a Personal Gmail Account is enough. How to open an AdSense account:

  • Click here for Google AdSense first
  • Then click on Sign up.
  • Then you have to give your Gmail ID

Be aware: When signing up with Gmail id. Google may ask some security questions. You need to answer those questions correctly.

  • The last step will be a Google Form. Where you have to give your name, address and mobile number.
  • After that you will be asked to verify your blog site with 1 code.

Remember, you will give your exact information accurately here. Because, if you give wrong information here. Then you will have a lot of trouble next time.

How to make money from Google AdSense?

There are two ways you can earn money from Google AdSense.

  • From blog / website
  • From the YouTube channel

For now, these two methods can be used to earn income from Google AdSense. Let’s discuss these methods in detail.

Income from blog / website: If you have creative writing. Then you can use that creativity through blogs / websites. Google can make a lot of money from one.

But if you want to make income from blog / website. First you need to monetize your website. If you want to monetize a website. All you need is a website

A good quality blog / website
To get Google AdSense Approval. First of all you have to have a quality website. Here I mean good quality website. The website must have good quality content. There will be no copied content. And the content must be 18+ (Adult / Nudity) free.

Some useful pages:
To get AdSense approval, you need to have some useful pages on your website. For example, Contact us / About us / Disclaimer / Privacy Policy. If these pages do not exist. If your AdSense request is rejected 70%.

If you want to get AdSense Approval on any website. The website must have huge amount of visitors. There is no such obligation However, many people say that if there are no visitors to the website, AdSense will not be approved. Which is a completely wrong idea.

But when your website will have visitors at a fair level. That’s when you should apply for AdSense Because, if your website does not have a visitor e Then you will not get income from AdSense Ad.

Revenue from AdSense with YouTube channel

Another way to earn money from AdSense is to use the “YouTube Channel”. In this way, it is possible to earn the most amount from AdSense. The trend has increased in many parts today. If you have the creativity to create videos. Then you can use that creativity to earn a lot of income from YouTube.

For that you need to have a YouTube channel Then you have to upload videos to that channel in accordance with YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy. If you have a new channel. Then you have to have 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours of watch time in the last 12 months.

It then connects your AdSense account to your YouTube channel. You can easily earn huge amount of money by launching YouTube’s Partner Program i.e. Monetization.

How to get AdSense approval for blogs

The funniest thing is, if you have a blog. Made with Google Blogger. And if that blog is also created with the domain blogspot.com. Even then you can earn income from that blog through AdSense. Now the question is, how?

How to get AdSense approval on the blog Before you know it, you need to know why Google will approve AdSense for your blog.

As we all know, Blogger is a product of Google’s own. Which is hosted by Google itself Due to which without spending any money. You can easily create a blog with Blogger Sub Domain. And you can also make income on that blog with the help of AdSense.

If you want to get AdSense approval through blog. Your blog must have unique content. Content that must be completely written by yourself That is, publishing content copied from anywhere on your blog is strictly prohibited.

Then you need to submit your blog to Google search Console. When a standard amount of organic visitors will start coming to your blog from Google. Then you can monetize your blog and earn income from Google One.

How to use ads on the blog

When your blog will be useful to apply to AdSense. If AdSense accepts your request after applying Then how to show Google ads on your blog. Now find out about this.

Log in to your AdSense account and copy the Ad Code from there. Then go straight to your Blogger Dashboard. Now notice well that it is possible to get the most clicks by placing ads according to the template of your blog.

Then you will add widget in those places from Blogger’s Layout option And that widget must be html/ JavaScript. Put the ad code copied from your AdSense in that widget. Then you have to wait for some time. In some time your blog will start to show ads.

Even if it is a WordPress blog site, you have to do everything that we have discussed above. However, you can use the Ad insert plugin to install Google’s ad.

Google AdSense Policy

So far, the quality of Google AdSense and how to get AdSense Approval. He talked about. Let’s find out now, if you work as a publisher under Google. Then you have to work in accordance with Google’s policy. What’s in that policy, let’s find out now.

Adult (18+) content

As we all know, the popularity of 18+ content is at the top. Works with Adult Content. It is possible to bring a Website / YouTube channel to the Top Rank very quickly But sad but true is that Google never supports 18+ (sexually explicit) content.

If you work with this type of content Then you can never monetize it. And if you have monetized in any way by using your intellect Then it will not last long.

Copy content

If you put copy content on the website, you will not get AdSense because they do not include copy content in their policy. You must provide a unique article or content. This will rank your website plus get AdSense.

Hacking / cracking content

Those of us who know a little bit about technology All of them have a dream to become a hacker at some point in their minds. Whether this dream of becoming a hacker is fulfilled or not. Google will never let that dream come true. Because if you work with Hacking / Cracking. Then Google will never give you monetization. Because, these contents are completely out of policy.


A publisher must comply with Google’s guidelines. If you do a little 19/20 to accept them. Then you will be excluded from Google’s Partner Program. You can check out Google’s guidelines by clicking here. So that there is no problem in your monetization later.

How to withdraw money from AdSense

Now let’s come to the main point, in fact, you will earn money by doing so much How do you get that money in your hand. Because if you only earn income, it will not happen. Income money has to come into your hands, that’s why. Now find out about that.

If you have income in your AdSense account, you will get the money. In fact, it is not like that. Here are some of the rules and regulations of Google. You have to comply with them. However, it is good to know that AdSense has only one payment method. You can only withdraw your earned money through Bank Account.

When Ad 100 or more is credited to your AdSense account. Then you can withdraw that এ in your bank account. Otherwise if the AdSense account is less than 100. You can’t ooze it.

How much money can be made from Google AdSense?

A very deep question, in fact, the maximum amount of money you can earn from AdSense Does Google have any such rules? Let’s find out now.

In fact, there is no such rule from Google. Simply put, you can make unlimited income. You can earn as much money as you want from AdSense. You can earn that much money. There is no obligation that you can no longer earn 100 100 or above 500 500.

You can earn 10000$ if you comply with all Google Privacy Policy. Google has no problem with this. The more income you make. Google is always ready to give you all the money.

How to get a letter from Google AdSense?

It is said that Google AdSense is a golden deer. You can understand the meaning of this word only then. When a letter from Google AdSense knocks on your door. But the question is, why, when and how will Google AdSense send you a letter?

When 10 $ (dollars) will be credited to your AdSense account. Then Google will want to verify you Because you have been added to their Partner Program. You are not actually a human or a robot. Google will send a letter to your AdSense address to check it. What is in this letter?

There is nothing in this letter There is only one code. You need to verify the address to put the code in AdSense.

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