30+ Free Edu and Gov Dofollow Backlink Sites List 2021

If you successfully get backlinks from these sites, then the value of your website increases.

Edu and Gov Backlink Sites are sponsored top-level domains in the Internet’s domain name system. Almost everyone wants to get backlinks from these high authority sites. Because after getting backlinks from these sites, your website’s search ranking improves a lot. And it also helps you to quickly index your new blog posts or pages in search engines.

What are .edu backlink sites?

Mainly, Edu is the domain for educational institutions. The word Edu is derived from education and is a top-level domain of the Internet. New registrants to the domain must have been required to be a United States-affiliated institutions of higher education.

However, most of the institutions use the .edu domain in the United States.

What are .gov backlink sites?

The name .gov is also a sponsored top-level domain name in the domain name system of the internet.

And this domain is used by the government of the United States.

The .gov is a domain which is administered by the General Service Administration (GSA).

Top 50 Edu and Gov Backlink Sites List 2021

  1. http://www.newportbeachca.gov
  2. http://www.dot.nd.gov
  3. http://flgclassifieds.cce.cornell.edu/
  4. http://training.fema.gov
  5. http://transtats.bts.gov
  6. http://fairfaxcounty.gov
  7. http://www.newportbeachca.gov
  8. http://www.weather.gov
  9. http://www.gympie.edu.asn.au/
  10. http://nvsos.gov
  11. http://knsz.prz.edu.pl/
  12. http://www.gillettewy.gov
  13. http://cencabo.edu.co/
  14. http://www.doleta.gov
  15. http://sanfordfl.gov
  16. http://www.cathedralcity.gov/
  17. http://www.nationalcityca.gov
  18. http://www.olelo.hawaii.edu
  19. http://ufotech.com.vn/
  20. https://imsa.edu.ng/
  21. https://git-dev.dartmouth.edu/
  22. http://sanfordfl.gov
  23. http://www.dot.nd.gov
  24. https://www.cphs.pitt.edu/
  25. https://fcei.unan.edu.ni/
  26. http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu
  27. http://my.uspto.gov
  28. http://sites.psu.edu
  29. http://tecto.gps.caltech.edu
  30. http://blogs.bu.edu/sargentchoice
  31. http://runcielab.ucdavis.edu
  32. http://geoweb.rsl.wustl.edu
  33. http://blog.iese.edu
  34. http://forum.tcs.uj.edu.pl

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